Our vacation went great !!!! ..........m

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Our vacation went great !!!! ..........m
Sun, 07-27-2003 - 11:01am
Hi everyone we got back early Friday morning and we had a great and relaxing time!!!! We went to Universal Islands of Adventure in Orlando on Tuesday it was wonderful with kids this age it is a great place to go! Lots of rollercoasters (Zachary`s favorite ride) and also some slower rides as well. It is divided into 5 islands Jurassic Park based on the movie and Marvel Comic Book Heroes (the Spiderman Adventure 3-D ride is a must!) Lost Continent (Zachary loved the dueling dragons coaster but be warned you turn upside down several times) Suess Landing based on the books by Dr. Seuss (bring a swimsuit there is a water park there) and also Toonland with water rides a log flume ride and Popeye and Bluto BilgeRaft barges (you get very wet on this ride especially if you go through the waterfalll!) After we left there we went to Ormond Beach and stayed a couple of days the ds built sandcastles and jumped waves as they came on shore. A relaxing stay at the beach then we met my youngest brother who lives outside of Jacksonville and spent some time with him and his wife and stepdaughter he couldn`t get over how big Zach and Tim have gotten (hasn`t seen them in a couple of yrs). Then we headed back home we have been to a birthday party yesterday for ds cousin who turned 8 and Zachary while we were gone on vacation learned how to swim!!!!!! So he can go in the pool without his floaties now! We now have two weeks to rest up before school starts back on the 11th of August. Zachary has 6th grade orientation on the 7th of August when he will meet his teachers and get his schedule and locker assignments. He is looking forward to it,one part I am NOT looking forward to is all the back to school shopping the kid just went through a major growth spurt and he is going to need new clothes bad all his jeans are too short! Timothy his brother is the same way UGH!!! So I have lots to get done before then. Hope all of you are having a great summer!!!!!
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Sun, 07-27-2003 - 11:41am
Glad you had a great vacation! I can't believe you're thinking back to school already. I'm getting ready to send Sam to sleep away camp for 2 weeks starting Aug. 4th! We have such different schedules.



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Mon, 07-28-2003 - 3:37pm
WOW!! I'm so jealous, it sounds like you all had a great time. Though, I have to say that you can keep those roller coasters LOL. I'm not a roller coaster type and won't even get on the toddler ones that Scott can ride in. I'm such a weenie LOL.

My sympathies on the back to school shopping. I'm definitely not looking forward to it either. Part of my problem is that Sean has clothes that fit, but he's so hard on them that almost all of them have holes in the knees. Ah well, it'll only hurt the budget for a little while LOL.

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