Paintball Enthusiast - WHAT do you get as a gift for one?

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Paintball Enthusiast - WHAT do you get as a gift for one?
Fri, 12-16-2011 - 5:23pm

Nephew loves paintball.

I have NO idea what he has / doesn't have.


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Welcome to the board! I am so glad a few other the other members were able to give you a few suggestions. I hope they were helpful!
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What about a gift card to a local paintball course?

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hello!! i would second what someone already said-a gift card tyo a sporting goods store. that way he can get what he wants to get. or, maybe not a sporting goods store-maybe just get him a visa gift card-that way he can get something to do with paintball or maybe something else he wants. good luck!!

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You could get him a gift card to a sporting goods store that carries paintball equipment.