Pimples?? Already?

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Pimples?? Already?
Sun, 07-11-2004 - 2:46pm
Just recently my daughter has started getting pimples? She seem young for pimples but I guess it's just the start of puberty. Does anyone have any good suggestions? Mostly they are on her chin & nose. Honestly she couldn't care less but it bothers me. Does anyone recommend a specific soap or cream? What is the best way to convince her to wash her face better.

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Mon, 07-12-2004 - 10:23am

My 11 yo almost 12 yo son just started with them.


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Mon, 07-12-2004 - 3:21pm

Yep, it's normal, unfortunately.

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Thu, 07-15-2004 - 2:56pm

Hey Diana...nice to see you over here on this board too!

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Wed, 07-21-2004 - 6:45pm
hey there, i'm sort of new to the boards but i figured i would just go ahead and jump on in again.

around here all we use is a wash cloth (or a very specific hydrating cloth), warm water and extra virgin coconut oil. i still have break outs (a lot) and i just turned 30. but recently i changed my routine (meaning less than 6 months ago) and now my skin is doing wonderfully. i get extra diligent around my cycle cause that is when i would normally break out like a pubescent teen - it was awful.

my dd (10) is just starting to break out and she's been following this method and it's doing great for her. now it's my ds (11) that i'm trying to get to care about his appearance and hygeine - he's the real problem right now in this area. he just got two black heads on his nose (discovered today!), so i know i really need to get after him about it.

the coconut oil has anti-microbial properties which keeps the pimples from forming due to microbes (bacteria) and the oil actually can help oily skin by making sure the skin has a steady supply of good oils and the body will then slack down to normal production. (i had oily skin and was really skeptical about it - took me nearly a year to try it out)

anyway, i know this is different and out there but it was working for us and isn't expensive (oh and the coconut oil is an awesome make-up remover including that hard to remove eye make-up).


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Mon, 07-26-2004 - 3:09pm
My 10 year old daughter has had minor breakouts for about a year now. She had trouble washing with soaps or creams, because of the fear of getting it in her eyes, and that her breakouts were mostly on her forehead.

We now use the pre-moistened facial cleaning wipes. There are a few brands (we actually use Walmarts brand) that are also useful for makeup removal. She now automatically uses one to wash her face right after brushing her teeth, its part of her routine. Its very easy, so she's more likely to do it. If she has a very bad breakout, I'll have her use a Clearasil acne pad, as well. I use them when I have breakouts (still occurring at 34, especially around my cycle) and they are also very easy to use.

The other thing that seems to have helped is keeping her hair off her face. She has very long hair, but no bangs and keeping the hair away seems to help.
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Mon, 07-26-2004 - 5:08pm

Hello and welcome!!

We're glad you stopped by.

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Thu, 07-29-2004 - 4:13am

When you use regular soap on the face..the soap takes away "good" oils and then the skin makes twice as much oil.

I buy my daughter those face towlets in a box. Made by nutrogena (sp?)

about 14 $ for a pack but it lasts all month.

If she still gets a pimple..We use "tea tree oil' from the body shop

or toothpaste!

Yes toothpaste is amazing

put it on at night...wake up and all redness is gone

Even preperation h !!!

is good

shrinks swelling


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Fri, 07-30-2004 - 8:57am
our daughter has had this same problem as well. I think honestly it's just an early puberty thing as my oldest (son) has also faced it. We use the oil of olay scrubber pads. (They come with face wash in the sponge). I do have to remind them to wash each night, but since we've changed to a shower every night it hasn't been such a problem! HTH L