Reader's Digest Condensed Version of my trip...

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Reader's Digest Condensed Version of my trip...
Mon, 07-23-2012 - 11:45pm
Evan, my dad, and I left together and flew to London. Evan was greeted by staff from the program he is enrolled in at Oxford and left right away. Dad and I spent one day touring London and another watching tennis at Wimbledon. Checked that off my life list. :smileyhappy: Sunday it was my turn to go to Oxford. I spent a week there as part of a continuing Ed program. I took a class on Dickens. A whole week of intellectual, adult conversation with a great group of people. The tutor was fabulous and had a terrific sense of humor. Ate all meals in Harry Potter's dining hall, took tours, went to museums, and went to a pub quiz night. Just a great opportunity to stretch my intellectual side which I haven't done in quite a while. After my time at Oxford, my dad picked me up and we toured the countryside of southeast England for a week and a half. Country roads that were barely wide enough to fit the car, quaint B&bs, cathedrals, Roman ruins, dinners at pubs, historic ports, and Highclere castle (aka Downton Abbey for those that watch it). We spent the last 4 days in London. We saw Westminster Abbey and heard the choir boys sing. They are just angelic! We toured Parliament and Churchil's war rooms. Went to an absolutely exquisite concert by a string ensemble, saw War Horse. One day we took the boat to Greenwich where I had one foot in each hemisphere and saw the sight of the Olympic equestrian events (hope they move fast, looked like they had a ways to go). Toured St. Paul's and the British Museum. Saw original DiVinci sketches from his medical/anatomical phase. They were incredibly detailed and realistic! Groundbreaking for his time! The whole trip opened my mind, cemented my historical timeline, and let me forget my worries! My dad paid for almost everything and was such a gentleman. He opened doors for me, walked on the street side so I didn't get splashed, pulled out chairs when sitting down to eat, helped me with my luggage when he could, etc. I had totally forgotten what it's like to be treated that way. It made me feel sooooo special! That's the last thing I feel at home. No one would ever do those things for me at home. I could go on forever but I fear I've already put some of you to sleep. :smileywink: Hopefully I'll be able to get one or two pics up soon.
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Re: Reader's Digest Condensed Version of my trip...
Wed, 07-25-2012 - 9:33am
Alright. Was just wondering. My cousin lives in Norwich for a few more weeks. Her and her family are about to move back to the US.

Sounds like you had such a nice time with your dad. That is going to be some great memories. I envy you and your trip. Hoping to go some day.