Rotten Day Yesterday

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Rotten Day Yesterday
Tue, 09-23-2003 - 6:19am
Kevin informs me that he got 3 A’s on his Language Arts project (his ‘lock down’ project from Saturday) which is a good thing, and he was proud of that, and although I (again) felt a little twinge of 'too much help?' I did realize that he needed that boost … but I went to see what homework assignments he has for lat night, and I find an “F” on his Geography paper, and in the listing of grades in his agenda was 4 C’s in Math from his last 4 homework assignments. I went APE. OMG. WHY is he getting C’s in math when this is his best subject and he’s been really excited about what they’re doing? Well, apparently it’s because his work was not ‘complete.’ WHY? Well HE says its’ because he didn’t see a problem … but that MIGHT have been the case on ONE assignment, NOT on 4. I went totally nuts over the F … until I actually looked at the paper. They are learning about map skills, and the teacher did this ‘bogus’ continent called Podiatry or something, and it’s in the shape of a foot, and there were numbers plotted. Then, there was a list of names, and the kids were supposed to match the name with the number. Now, there was no other info about it, just this stupid looking FOOT that was supposed to be a continent. Some of the places were called Blister River, Cape Hangnail, Callus Hills, Bunion Strait, Isthmus of Lint … No ladies, I’m NOT kidding … Gulf of Fallen Arches, Mt. Crackatoa. Now, I’m sorry but you have to have some knowledge of foot problems AND a sense of humor to actually ‘get’ this. Kevin hasn’t a clue what a bunion is. And, quite frankly, from the information provided, this wasn’t sufficient to complete. So, he got an “F” in geography, and after I apologized to him for getting angry (‘cause I did overreact) I asked if there was any other ‘key’ and such … and then I said that was about the stupidest freaking assignment I’d ever seen in my life. OK, not great parenting, but was this not asinine?

Sorry about whining, but this just really got to me. When DH got home, I showed it to him (neither of us have been feeling great ... little sleep, too much stress) and he's like "if you don't make an issue over this, I will!" So, I told him to do it ... I'm tired of fighting all the battles. But, I'll probably wait 'til Open House (next month) or at least until after Interim Reports come home on Wed to see how he's doing overall.

I think that trying to TEACH them mapping skills by using a sample is o.k., but the information in this project was just totally ridiculous, and to actually count that as a grade was obsurd!



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Tue, 09-23-2003 - 2:08pm

I'm sorry you had such a miserable day. I can totally relate - it's frustrating when you know they're capable of more than they actually do. That geography assignment is just "out there" imo. I agree that with some basic knowledge and humor it would be cute, but Sean wouldn't have a clue either - nor would I expect him to.

I'm glad that you're planning to bring this up with the teacher, I definitely would.

Here are a few more ((((hugs)))) and hoping that today is much, much better.

Best Always,


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