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Security Blanket
Sat, 02-07-2004 - 9:27pm

I am hoping for some support or perhaps some persuasive arguments--see I AM open minded! :)

Our oldest son is 10.5 yo and while he has become much more confident recently he is still basically a worrier and an anxious child. He has a blanket and sucks his thumb. These are his comforts mostly at night and never in school or in public. He controls the "when" of the thumb sucking. He uses the blanket and thumb together and pretty much just at night and in bed. We have been trying to get rid of the thumb sucking habit by having him wear a sock at night. The dentist has spoken to him also. My husband and I have been having quite the disagreement over the blanket though. I personally feel that he needs this blanket for comfort and I don't mind it as long as it is on his bed and not dragged around the house. He would never bring it over to a friend house, for instance. He went to camp last summer, OVERNIGHT, to my surprise and loved it. He didn't need it then either. My husband thinks it makes him soft and wants it gone, gone, gone. I don't see the big deal!!! We all need our outlets or something to make us feel ok in this messed up world. Maybe my husband just isn't aware that boys do have "friends" in their rooms, blankets or stuffed animals.

Any ideas? I've tried to look this up on the web but without much success.


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Welcome to our board!

My son and dd (11.5 yo twins) both still sleep with a security blanket. However, we no longer travel with them. And, Sam went to overnight camp without it last year for 2 weeks. They don't NEED them anymore, just prefer to have them.

Obviously, I don't know your situation that well. If you have to get rid of the blanket to get rid of the thumb-sucking, it may be necessary. Otherwise, I don't see the harm in him having it in bed at home. Kids grow up so fast these days, and there are so many pressures in middle school, a private blankie is no big deal, IMHO!


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Hello and welcome!!

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We got lucky in that ds's choice of security 'blanket' was a man's hankie, back when he was 10 months old. He sucked his thumb along with holding the hankie til age 7, when the oral hygienist read him the riot act and told him to stop right then and there; he did. He still brings his hankie to bed, and sometimes brings it to overnight campouts with Boy Scouts, but he truly did go cold turkey when she told him the long lasting effects of thumb sucking with permanent teeth. She suggested that awful polish to put on your nails for nail biters, to get him to stop, but he didn't need to try after she told him how bad his teeth could come out due to the thumb's strength...he's still getting braces (next week, as a matter of fact) but it's not due to the thumb.