sherri...10 yr old who don't talk back

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sherri...10 yr old who don't talk back
Thu, 08-21-2003 - 7:52pm
Sherri....this is to answer your question on how i got my 10 yr.old to do things with no back talk. For one,,he is a mommy's boy and he loves his mommy so much that he doesn't want to back talk to sees what kind of trouble his 7yr.old sister gets into when she back talks to mommy ALL THE TIME. He realizes that when you are a good little man you seem to get more. And because (this is his answer) he knows he will lose his playstation controllers. Without the controllers he can't play. And without the playstation he is nothing because that is his life. He has always been a very well mannered,well behaved child. I just you could say that for being a single parent for five years of his raising that i must of did something right and taught him the good i don't know what i did wrong with the girl. She is a completely different story and a totally different child when it comes to raising boys and girls. Too bad she wasn't a
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Fri, 08-22-2003 - 12:37am
Your son sounds very sweet, not to mention practical. I have no experience with daughters but from talks with my friend (who has an almost 10 yo daughter) what you describe is not unusual. We often "compare notes" on our children - it's kind of fun (sometimes) to see how the other half lives LOL.

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Sat, 08-23-2003 - 8:26pm
To quote Dr. Phil, you've found your son's "currency", that is the game controllers. My son always had an easy currency - taking away TV, and now, taking away GameCube priveleges. It's very effective. You need to find your dd's currency. It is also tougher with my dd, because she is not as attached to TV. She loves to play outside, and I would really hesitate to ground her from that. Fortunately, she doesn't like me to be angry with her. Even though she gets mouthy now, it doesn't last long because she really doesn't like my reaction.

So.... I do think some girls may be a bit tougher than some boys, because it may not be as easy to find what's important to them and then make it a "privelege" to be earned by good behavior. With my dd, I can see that it will soon be e-mail and im!

Glad you posted back to Sherri's question! Just had to stick my 2 cents in....



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