Should I let my 11 yr old stay home?

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Should I let my 11 yr old stay home?
Fri, 05-07-2004 - 4:23pm
Hi, I'm new to the site and wanted to get some views on what We should do with our 11 yr old daughter this summer. First let me just say she is a rather mature looking 11 yr old. She is almost 5'2". She is also what we like to call..."a force of nature" We are concerned as most parents are about leaving her alone. Mostly due to her curiosity, and impulsive nature. She attends after school care right now, but that ends with the school year. So here lies our we let her stay home all day? Do we put her in summer daycare?

The kids in her program are younger (many of them by 3 or 4 years) and she feels like shes too old to be there. She is what WE would call lazy. She has no interest in cleaning (i'm sure thats normal for the age) doing work of any kind, she does like to play outside, ride her bike, and watch t.v. We have discussed all the importand issues such as the door and phone calls. How should we handle this? Can I get some feedback please? :)
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Fri, 05-07-2004 - 5:03pm

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Fri, 05-07-2004 - 11:57pm

Some things I would think about first:

What are the times she is left alone?

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Fri, 05-07-2004 - 11:58pm
If she is a mature child, it may be OK. You didn't mention how long she would be alone. I would also check wiht your state, there are laws regarding how old kids can be. I know our park district has special programs for pre-teens and early teens that are not whole day programs. This may be enough of the day taken up to keep her curiousity in check. Is there tennis lessons, volleyball or science classes that she might want to take?

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Sat, 05-08-2004 - 8:08pm

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In my opinion, since you're willing/able to afford day care, why not find an age-appropriate camp program for her? Aren't there more options in your area than this one program? I know our YMCA has so many choices, and it's quite affordable. Sometimes places that have art classes, or dance classes, or gymnastics, etc.


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Mon, 05-10-2004 - 10:35am
Thank You ALL so much for the advice. This Mother's Day weekend, we sat down and talked about what she wanted to do. She did express some uneasy feelings about being alone for the day. (her father and I work full time being gone from 7am-5pm)Since she wakes late, but that isn't always the case, We are talking to a few of the parents in our new area to find out what they are doing with thier children for the summer. There is also a YMCA in the area. Thank You again for all the welcome thoughts and advice!!!