Snow Days...

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Snow Days...
Sun, 12-07-2003 - 2:53pm
Do you have some ideas for how to keep kids busy on snow days? Crafts? Baking? Cleaning? Please share the details! Thanks,

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Sun, 12-07-2003 - 8:40pm

Welcome, Sally! Thanks for jumping in and replying to a couple of posts and starting this conversation.

My kids often go out to play in the snow on snow days! At this age, they grab their sleds (our neighborhood has some gentle hills) and off they go. A lot of the kids like our yard for sledding, so they're often right out back.

Otherwise, they watch TV, play video games, or we get out some board games. At this age, I have to be honest that I don't plan any special projects for them. We may cook lunch together. Often they have homework they can catch up or get ahead on.

Hope to see you here often!


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Mon, 12-08-2003 - 4:00pm

Hi Sally,

Welcome a'board.

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Tue, 12-09-2003 - 3:46pm
I am anticipating a snow day tomorrow...but who knows...the snow just started. I like to make unexpected days at home sort of special AND my dd is so busy...orchestra, piano, band, chorus, French and dance are her extra curriculars. She has 3 tests to study for before winter break...and she wants to be an active part of planning and "doing" Christmas. So, I bought her supplies to make some candy trains (but she did that last night in 10 minutes), and I also bought stuff to make one of those mixes in a jar. I need some economical I am going to have her work on them either this week end or, if tomorrow is a snow day...tomorrow. I am also going to get her to do some gift wrapping.THEN, she needs to practice her piano, alto sax, cello and learn her lines for the Christmas program on Sunday. Study for her social studies test on Friday, math test on Monday and science test a week from tomorrow! Can we fit it all in?