Strange behavior when eating

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Strange behavior when eating
Sun, 11-02-2003 - 6:29am
From April to May our son, 11, started acting really weird when it came to eating. Everytime it came to having something to eat he would say he is sick and then would feel weak........Finally it came down to the breaking point where we just couldn't take it anymore and took him to his doctor. She recommend to see a psychologist which we did. Our son then was diagnosed with a slight form of ADHD and GAD. But according to the doctor he didn't need any meds..........Well, now he is starting to act the same way again and I am at the end of my rope. I have always tried to be the best parent I can be, but now I am wondering if there is something that I am not doing right? Trying to talk to my son about it is impossible, you don't get a real answer. Should I talk to the school counselor and see if she can help? My husband and I are starting to feel the strain, if our son wasn't that skinny, I might not worry about it, but I do........He was close to being underweight before......Thanks for your advice!

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Sun, 11-02-2003 - 11:55am

Oh my, I wish I had a definate answer/advice for you but I only have a suggestion possibility you might want to look into.


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Sun, 11-02-2003 - 2:11pm

Welcome to our board. I think Leesa's suggestion of having your son tested for food allergies is a good one. Also, talk to your son's pediatrician again, and try to get a *list* of suggestions. Counseling may be one of the those suggestions. If your pediatrician seems to just be shrugging it off, find another doctor. You have a valid concern, and it's important that you and your son figure out what's going on with him.

I haven't had this experience with my kids, but perhaps some others here will post their stories.

I'm glad you posted to us. Let us know how you and your son are doing. Best wishes in getting some answers.


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Mon, 11-03-2003 - 9:53am

Welcome to the board!!

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Mon, 11-03-2003 - 12:22pm

Well, he may not need medication...but he may still have an eating disorder.


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Thu, 11-06-2003 - 8:39am
I'm not quite sure I understand when you son is feeling sick. Looking at the food or after he eats it? Anyway, keep a journal and write down what he eats and his reaction after he eats. Is he just fussy? Get him involved in planning a menu. Let him choose a couple of meals that he wants and teach him how to cook it. He may be more intested in eating something that he cooks. Good luck! Sally