Teaching Responsibility

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Teaching Responsibility
Wed, 09-10-2003 - 7:43pm
ARGH! I'm so annoyed with Kevin. Sigh! OK, I'm trying to teach him to be more responsible, and he's doing a little better keeping his papers in the right folders and such. But, today, he left his music book in the band room. I JUST spent $7.00 for a NEW music book last week. (Of course, he bought the 'new' one instead of a 'used' one for $3.00.) My guess is it's GONE! With classes changing all day (and he has band 1st period) there's just NO WAY somenoe didn't walk off with it. So, HE can use HIS allowance to purchase a new one (and NOT a used one either! If I have to buy 'new' then so does he.)

AND, DH had given him a strap for his trumpet case. Kevin rides his bike to school and DH is concerned that if he drops the case, the whole thing will open and spill on the street ... $700+ for a USED trumpet. So, he gave him this really nice strap that he has for the boat to keep around the case. This is the FIRST WEEK of bringing the trumpet to school ... Day #3, and he's lost the strap!

Both in one day!

I'm not sure WHAT to do with this child? There goes his allowance for the week. And, he still has 2 more days to go!



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Wed, 09-10-2003 - 11:44pm

I'm sorry that you all are having such a rough week. You have my complete and total sympathy, btdt - have the t-shirt. I've often said that Sean would forget his head if it wasn't attached.

I'm hoping that having him pay his own way helps him learn a bit more responsibility. It's sloooooowly working in our home. We ran out of other ideas. It hasn't been an instant transformation but it is working.

Good luck,


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