Thanks everybody!!! I am glad..........m

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Thanks everybody!!! I am glad..........m
Sun, 08-03-2003 - 7:42pm
I really didn`t have anyone in the family to compare Zachary to since all of his cousins are girls except two and they are alot younger than he is. I am glad to hear that he is just growing at a normal rate for this age. I am really surprised at the rate he has grown in the last two yrs but am sure more is to come. Thanks again for being soooo supportive and responding to my post. I am going to be looking up to my oldest son soon I am afraid LOL I am 5'4" after shrinking an inch last yr. My dr put me on calcium supplements so HOPEFULLY I will not shrink anymore by the way Timothy is right behind him age 9 and 54" tall and 75 pounds so I am going to have both boys to look up to when they are grown!