Tuesday Chit Chat Thread

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Tuesday Chit Chat Thread
Tue, 02-12-2013 - 9:14am

Good morning ladies, how is everyone today?

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Tue, 02-12-2013 - 9:51am

Good morning ladies.  Can I just say that it really sucks getting up at 5:15 a.m. every morning during the week!  Made muffins for the girls, Emma didn't like them as usual, drizzly outside so even though i got on the road earlier than usual, I was still late for work.  This day will get better...  Emma is back in school today, but DH has caught what she had, luckily he can more or less take care of himself, crossing fingers neither other child picks it up.  I have a bunch of work to catch up on today, a telephone conference at noon, and I need to walk over to the post office to mail a few things.  Tonight, most of DH's paperwork is caught up, but I think we need to pay bills, he didn't do it last night and I doubt he will today during the day.  Emma will have homework and we need to work on valentine's for both girls' parties on Thursday.  Jordyn is working, she's been a grouch lately also.  Maybe its the mid-winter blahs for everyone, I have no other explanation.  I am actually in a relatively decent mood, except for the commute thing.

Dinner tonight is chicken pockets most likely.

I hope everyone is finally dug out from storms that have hit recently.  Have a great day!!

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Tue, 02-12-2013 - 10:26am

Morning.  Talked to my cousin just a few minutes ago.  She has a daughter who graduated from high school this past Spring and finding it hard to move on.  She is taking online college courses for now and plans to go to college.  Anyway, I have offered for her to move in with us for a bit if she wants.  We shall see if she takes us up on it.  She needs a change and needs to be independent from mom.

The girls bus arrived early for the 2nd day in a row and they were not ready.  Matthew's bus had yet to come so I had him ride his bus and I took the girls.  Their school is close to Starbucks so of course I picked me up an iced coffee.  Got home and called my cousin.  I am planning a trip to Michaels or Hobby Lobby this morning.  My candy mold is not oven proof.  I did not know that since my mom took the package off before she gave it to me. It's not ruin but I want to look for a silicon one that I can out in the oven to melt the chips.  I made some chocolates last night and they aren't pretty, but they smell good.  I found some cherry baking chips and after I melted those I melted some milk chocolate and put that on top.  So it's like chocolate covered cherry.  The cherry chips taste really good so will be great with the chocolate.  Just doing some cleaning around here also today.  Matthew might stay after school and check out the psychology club.  Tim took all his M rated games and put them up.  So he needs to find other things to do and interact with kids his age.  The girls have had a friend over that last few evenings and this girl will not go home at a decent time.  She ias interupted our dinner two nights now.  So today I told them no friend, if she shows up they need to tell her not tonight.  Katie isn't crazy about her anyway.  Natalie and her fangirl all over Junstin Bieber the entire time she is here.  *eye roll*

Oh, we are back into the contest thing again.  Now it's Katie's turn.  This is it for a while.  But it's a fun one and there is only one things we had to do and we just wait now.  It's for a trip for 4 to L.A. to meet and hang out with The Wanted and attend a concert.  We had to use a picture of the group and take a picture of one of use with the picture being creative with it.  I think we did a really good job, it was noticed by one of the sponsors and they commented on it in a tweet, it's a twitter contest.  So it has given Katie her this idea ours may make the top 10.  I doubt it, I don't want her disappointed.  *sigh*  But at least she is being positive.  I don't particularly want to go to L.A., not one of my top choices to go.  LOL  But, whatever.  I doubt we will win.  There are too many people who participate.  Our chaces are low of course.  But, I will do what I can for my girl.  As much affort as I put into that Justin Bieber thing last month.  

Dinner is going to be hamburgers, maybe.

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Tue, 02-12-2013 - 11:09am

Took 4 attempts and 2 browsers to be able to log in today.  The pop up ads still work.  I guess IVillage has their priorities straight.

Quiet day at home today.  Lots of school work-taking advantage of these days that we are not on the go to make up or the ones we are!  I should go out and buy brithday cards and a get wll card for my mom, but the house is so warm and outdoors isn't.  I need to go grocery shopping later this week, I can go to the card store then.

 My mom is having knee replacement surgery this morning.  She had the other knee done 3 years ago and her shoulder done 2 years ago.  She went into this prepared. It was supposed to be done before the holidays but then she caught a cold and then her doc was on vacation and then she got another cold... She does not want hospital visitors or visitors at the rehab center.  We'll vist once she's home. 

Valentine's Day is this week?  I compeletely lose track of dates.  DH should be home if the weather is good and he can fly back that night.  I know he won't want to go out since he's eaten out 3 meals a day for 9 days this month,  He loves chicken slop (I don't) so maybe I'll make that for dinner the 14th.  I had left it open on my meal plan since I wasn't sure what we would do. We've all been sweeet free after way too many this holiday season.  I'm not sure I want any candy, cookeis etc in the house. 

Homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch with crusty rolls and apples for lunch.  We'll probably have this all week since I made so much soup!  Dinner tonight is rice and beans mixed with andoullie sausage and shrimp along with collard green coleslaw-Zeph's request.

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Wed, 02-13-2013 - 6:01am

Hi everyone, sorry not to have checked in since Friday.  It was a busy, busy Tuesday at work, and I was soooo tired all day.  After work, I did some errands, came home and made soup, and relaxed for most of the evening.

Ian had a regular school day and Kayleigh had school, then stayed for extra help with her Physics teacher for an upcoming test.

She had a great overnight visit at one of her two top schools.  We should be sending in a deposit to the school she chooses within in the next couple of weeks


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