We are having dress code meetings

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We are having dress code meetings
Fri, 05-02-2003 - 9:30am
Our school district has decided the time has come for a stricter dress code policy and what they have come up with sounds very much like a uniform type code. Here are the specifics:

They are banning all jeans or anything made of denim.

No dresses

No shorts

Only polo type shirts or oxford style solid shirts will be allowed

All shirts must be tucked in and belts worn with pants

Skirts can be worn but only solids and no black.

No black pants either.

It is the first draft of the code we have 3 public meetings we can attend to address the issue one is today at noon, one is Monday at 7 p.m. and one is Thursday at 4 p.m. ( you attend whichever meeting is convenient for you) after these meetings the school board will type up the final code and distribute it to schools before it lets out on the 23rd.

My question is why did they wait soooo late in the yr to bring this up? I am attending the meeting at noon today and will let you know how it goes. I just hope it does not get ugly. The rezoning meeting we attended got pretty ugly.

What do you think???

Of those of you with kids already in middle school or ones going next yr as Zachary is do you think this is too strict or not????

Thanks for your opinions.

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Fri, 05-02-2003 - 7:47pm
Well, I don't really understand the "no black" rule, or why the kids can't wear shorts in at least Sept. and May/June. Does it get hot where you live?

I've seen codes like pants/shorts/skirts and jumpers must be navy, black or khaki. Polo or oxford shirts must be white, light blue, or yellow, that kind of thing. The belt and no jeans I've heard of before also.

You're right that it's a couple of steps away from a uniform. I would actually like that type of code here! How do you feel about it?

We don't have any dress code other than for modesty purposes (no spaghetti straps, for example).



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Sat, 05-03-2003 - 10:25am
They did something similar here a couple of years ago at one of our local high schools. What I don't get about yours is the no dresses or no black thing. Also, why no shorts? You're in Georgia, aren't you? I think that if they use the "fingertip rule" or specify a 4" or 6" (whatever they want) inseam, that shorts could be ok in such a hot climate. At our high school, there was such an uproar from the parents, that they relented in the planning stages and continued to allow jeans. They can't be hanging off showing underwear or dragging the ground or have holes. To me that was a reasonable compromise. I don't see what the big deal about wearing jeans is as long as they are neat. (They, too, must have shirts tucked in and belts worn.) I think all shirts have to have collars. T-shirts can only be worn as undergarments and sweatshirts must have the school logo on them. It's interesting because only the one (of two) high school in the county has this dress code and none of the middle schools (of three) do.

In a way, if they're going to be that specific, it'd be easier if they just called it a uniform and had them wear the exact same thing every day. Then you'd be sure of exactly what was allowed (for instance, When does "dark gray" become "black"?). The policing issues could get ridiculous, I'm sure.

I hope the meetings go well. I think that if people can keep their heads together and make logical arguments, the board should have to consider them. But when things turn ugly, I think they just tend to write them off. I'm glad though, that at least they aren't letting it be an "anything goes" school with girls in spaghetti strap tops and belly shirts. It seems like there should be some middle ground between the two extremes. Let us know how it goes.


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Sat, 05-03-2003 - 5:00pm

The meeting went ok I guess. I got my name in the local paper as a parent who does not go along with the idea of banning jeans. This is all that my boys wear and I see nothing wrong with jeans and they are alot sturdier than slacks. Also yes we live in Georgia and the kids go back to school in the middle of August the hottest part of the summer so I don`t see why they can`t wear decent length shorts. One of the parents at the meeting brought up the fact that they were banning shorts but girls can wear skirts didn`t make sense. I could see this if we were having terrible discipline problems in our school district but we`re not! And they don`t enforce the code we have now and if the kids that are wearing things inappropriate for school were sent home then we wouldn`t have to even be dealing with this! This is just my opinion as a parent but I feel that clothes don`t make our break the kids it is what is inside that counts not on the outside and dressing kids all alike teaches them to conform and aren`t we all wanting our kids to think for themselves??? I also wonder what is going to happen to a generation that has been told everything and had every decision made for them HOW are they going to make decisions for themselves when the time comes???? Zachary was glad I went to the meeting and hopes they listened so jeans will not be banned but it is not just jeans it is the whole thing of almost a uniform that bothers me.
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Mon, 05-05-2003 - 11:37am
We live in Pennsylvania. My ds attends a parochial school. They are allowed to wear uniform shorts from May 1st - Sept. 30th. While your dress code is moving closer to uniforms, there is no specification regarding pants other than no jeans so it's not quite there yet. We have a 'dress down' day once a month. The kids can wear jeans but no shorts unless they are uniform shorts. (I don't agree with this. If jeans are OK, shorts should be, too.

In terms of conforming, I personally like a dress code because my sister's kids didn't have a dress code and it was a constant battle over what to wear.

In terms of being able to make decisions --- People have been attending schools where a dress code was mandatory for generations and it doesn't seem to have affected their decision-making ability. All of the big wigs in my company are Catholic school grads and they made decisions quite well. :-)

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Mon, 05-05-2003 - 1:05pm
Our school has a dress code but it's based more on decency and safety than anything else.

No spaghetti straped tops

None of those tank tops the boys wear that are open under the arms clear to the waist.

Tank top straps must be at least as wide as a dollar bill.

Shorts and dresses must reach the fingertips when you stand up and hold your hands down at your sides with your palms against your legs and fingers stretched.

Nothing with any tobacco or alcohol or drug picture, label or wording.

Nothing racist.

No curse words.

No flip flops or clogs. All shoes must have at least a strap around the heel to keep them from flopping.

Just the basic stuff like that.

Your policy does sound like a uniform one. I don't know why they just don't say "We will be requiring uniforms from now on" and make it much more simple for everyone.