Wednesday W's

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Wednesday W's
Wed, 02-27-2013 - 9:26am





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Wed, 02-27-2013 - 10:49am

Woohoo!  It stopped snowing!  The driveway is shoveled ( thanks to DS) and the streets are plowed  so my trip out today should be easy driving.

Worries:  MIL's visit

Whines: DH being gone so much

Whatever: Winter balhs- looking forward to sun and warm weather

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Wed, 02-27-2013 - 10:58am

Woohoo!  The insurance company agreed to liability and cover Jordyn's accident

Worries:  The next few weeks, a lot of stuff personally is going on with us

Whines:  I just feel overloaded and tired

Whatever:  I finally made it to the boards this morning...

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Wed, 02-27-2013 - 5:23pm

WooHoo:  Classroom teacher coming back tomorrow

Whine: Kayleigh's early decision school only gave her a $2,000 per year merit scholarship. Another state school offered more than twice that.

Worry:  K's full finaid package should post in the next couple of days

Whatever: I am just tired


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