Wednesday W's

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Wednesday W's
Wed, 01-18-2012 - 8:53am





and a bonus, where is your favorite place to be in the winter?

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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 5:51pm

Whine: Seriously? Can I possibly be getting yet another ear infections?

Woo Hoo: Kayleigh's friend's mom will drop her off, I do not need to go out in the cold and get her


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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 4:03pm
Woo Hoo! Dh got paid! Worries: I'll have to go to jury duty and will get picked for a jury while dh is out of town. Whines: Nobody around here seems to know how to pick up after themselves Whatever: I feel like my kids are never in school. Evan has exams from 10-11:30 tomorrow and Friday and that's it for the ret of the week and then next week he is off Monday for grading and has early release on Tuesday! He already had Monday this week off for MLK day. My favorite place to be in the winter is in front of a fireplace with a good book and a warm drink with dinner going in the crockpot.
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