Wednesday W's

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Wednesday W's
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Woo hoo: got the Christmas shopping started finally. I've been putting it off until we had some money. Will get the gifts to be mailed out the door tomorrow. Oh, and Evan got a 94% on his last Physics test. Would have had a 96 but he forgot to put his name on the second page of the test.

Worries: Money.

Whine: How can I possibly be all the places I need to be and get everyone where they need to be, when they need to be there with out any help from my husband. He's more than willing to help when he's home but he doesn't get home until after all the chasing is over.

Whatever: my grandfather is generously funding the extravagant kind of Christmas he used to when my grandmother was still alive. We were all told after she passed away in February that the all out Christmases were over. We all agreed. My aunt (an in-law) stopped her feet, called my grandfather a Scrooge and now we have to do the shopping for our respective families and he will reimburse us. I now have to come up with and extra $450 until he pays me back. He's a man of his word and I will get the money back soon but I still ave to come up with it...

Worries: money
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