What is an eleven yr old girl like???

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What is an eleven yr old girl like???
Mon, 07-21-2003 - 2:38pm
This might be too general of a question since it is difficult to group them. Let me start at the beginning. My husband and I are considering adopting an eleven year old girl. Before I contact social services about her, I want to do a little research about eleven year olds. Can you tell me what your eleven year old is like? What are they into? I realize this child will come with some issues. We will deal with those. I want to know about the normal issues parents are dealing with concerning their preteen. Any info would help.


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Mon, 07-21-2003 - 3:29pm
Hi Toy,

Welcome to the board!! Congratulations on considering adoption, I think that's great.

What's an 11 year old like? Good question - my 10 (soon to be 11) year old is a boy, so while I know some issues are universal, others may be gender specific. My almost 11 year old is trying to figure out who he is: sometimes he wants to be a kid, others he wants to be an adult. He's more likely now to have an opinion about decisions that affect him. He worries about what others think of him and is concerned about having and keeping friends. He is a bit naive at times, and I worry about him because of it. It can be a fun age - to watch them as they learn and grow; to see flashes of them as adults in their behaviors and conversations.

Good luck with your decision. I hope you'll keep us updated.

Best Always,



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Tue, 09-23-2003 - 1:14am
My daughter is going to be 11 on friday.While every girl is different I will share

my daughter's life with you. She is not a little girl yet she can act like one. She is not

a teen but wants to act like one. Imagine and acceptance is everything.So is fashion.

trips to the toy store have been replaced to trips to Limited too and The Gap. She is into her friends and has a best one since kindergarten,They share their most intimate secrets. And the telephone is her lifeline.

Video games are replaced with CD's and videos of the hippest stars. There are a lot of

questions about the grown up world.With answers they don't always want. The boys in the

neighborhood are suddenly not so "icky" and they now are suddenly cute. She is experiencing her first crush and wants her first kiss. At the same time she doesn't want

her first kiss.She just wants to color in her books.

There are plenty of giggles and hugs to go with the eye rolling and attitude. Her nickelodeon and disney posters have been replaced with Hilary duff ( Lizzie Mcguire, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

She is excited about the future at the same time worried about where she will fit in.

Roller skating and movies on saturday are oh so cool. Mom now sits in the back row away

from her and her friends. When I think she is pulling away from me.She will surprise

me. I will feel her hand in mine while going through the mall. Startled I look at her

an hear " I love you mom " It is crazy, It is magical. I wouldn't change a thing. Congratulations. Mitzi

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Thu, 09-25-2003 - 9:36am
My 10.5 year old DD is so worried about "fitting in" and being in the correct crowd. Peer pressure is going strong. She needs the "right" cloths, shoes, jacket, CD's, etc.

At the same time, she has her own things. She loves Dance class, and takes gymnastics. Has had several "boyfriends". She is not allowed out with them, but can talk to them on the phone as she also has lots of friends that are both boys and girls. She wants to be a cheerleader in 7th grade, and loves to play basketball and softball. She adores anything that is Marykate and Ashley Olsen, tries to listen to or watch music that I dont approve of. Wants more freedome to do things, but climbs into bed with us still if she has a nightmare. Cries when friends seem to be puling away from her, and then finds new friends or back to the same friends within a few days. She drives me crazy and then will give me a hug and tell me she loves me. Best wishes making your decision. she is a lucky girl.