What is your 10-11 yo up to?

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What is your 10-11 yo up to?
Sun, 08-29-2004 - 11:24pm
School is starting, and sign ups are going on everywhere. Is your 10-11 yo joining anything? My dd is my busy bee, and needs to be that way. She has a packed calandar. At school, she has safety patrol, choir, nature club, school newspaper, drama, and band. She also will take volleyball, fencing and tae kwon do at the park district and Y. She also has German and religious ed and youth group. I am of course her scout leader. Whew! The good thing is many of these clubs only meet once or twice a month, so it is not a huge time commitment.

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Mon, 08-30-2004 - 10:05am

My 5th grader is

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Mon, 08-30-2004 - 11:57am
I am trying to interest my son in some kind of activity for the fall. He is 11 and loves to play baseball. Once the Little League season is over, he becomes a couch potato. I don't want to force any activities on him, but I would like to expose him to different things so he can find out what he likes. I'm thinking of signing him up for an art class because he loves to draw. Not much in the way of exercise, but it will get him out of the house for a little while on weekends.
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Mon, 08-30-2004 - 1:52pm

Sean is looking into soccer for the fall; wrestling and/or basketball for the winter and track in the spring.

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Mon, 08-30-2004 - 3:00pm

DD(5th grade) is currently in Band at school--school just started last week so not sure what else she will decide to join.

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