When do you start school shopping?

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When do you start school shopping?
Wed, 08-04-2004 - 2:42pm

When do you start school shopping?

  • At least a month before school starts.
  • We try to squeeze it in a couple weeks before school.
  • A day or two before school is plenty of time.
  • Just after school starts.
  • Whenever we get the supply list.
  • Other (please explain)

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Wed, 08-04-2004 - 3:42pm
I guess I'm not sure what 'school shopping' is - I get supplies whenever they're on sale (year round), and hope to have what's needed when the time comes. When the list comes out (June), I put the items I don't have on my 'running' list and get them as they go on sale! Hey, I'm cheap!

As for clothes, again, I get things on sale when I can. I got pants early last spring when they were on incredible online sale. DS usually wears tshirts and shorts, and has plenty, tshirts all the way to men's XL, so I'm good there, and his hoodies still fit from last year (bought big; they like them that way here). Shoes are the only thing he could use backup on; he's only got one pair of gym shoes (and has sandals, which he can't wear to school unless he puts gym shoes on for daily PE).

That leads into an interesting aside...he wants those dang Nike Shox...I told him I'll pay $X toward whatever shoes; he comes up with anything beyond. So far, he's not coughing up the rest. I honestly hope he opts not to, as he's still got growing feet! Oh, the trends they come up with...


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Wed, 08-04-2004 - 3:50pm
I don't consider school shopping a big deal... it's usually only one trip to buy the things requested from school. I don't buy clothing at this time. I buy clothing when my kids need them. We started school LAST week..DD's summer clothes work just fine for now. She will need new pants in the fall but because I can't predict how fast she will grow I will wait till September to shop for those.

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Wed, 08-04-2004 - 5:19pm

That's such a smart way to do it.

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Wed, 08-04-2004 - 5:49pm
We usually end up doing it all - supplies and clothes.