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Acct Names
Mon, 04-14-2008 - 10:14am

On April 28, 2008 iVillage accounts will be limited to one member name per email address. Users who have more than one member name associated with their account will need to select one preferred member name to use with their account. To make this change for your account, please complete our step-by-step process.
Do I have to get rid of all my member names?

No. You will need to chose one member name for your account. When you select your preferred member name, you will also be given the opportunity to transfer additional member names you wish to keep to other email addresses.
Do I need to change my password?

Your iVillage password will remain the same for your account. If you opt to transfer other member names to new accounts, they will also share this same password. To update your password for your account, log in here.
Will my member names still work on the message boards?

Member names you choose to keep will still work on the message boards as they did prior to this change. Other member names will be disabled and not available for re-use. (The messages posted with the names you opt not to keep will still remain on the boards.)
What about my board settings?

Your board settings and preferences will not be affected by this change. Please note that any email settings for reply notifications or digests will use the email address associated with the member name in question.
What if I choose not to keep a member name I've used in the past?

If you have several old member names and don't wish to keep or transfer them, they will be disabled and not available for re-use.
What if I don't select my preferred member name?

If you don't choose a preferred member name for your account by April 28, 2008, we will assign the most recently-used member name to be the primary member name for your account. Additional member names associated with your email address will be disabled.
I'm running into a problem, what do I do now?

If you encounter a problem or have a question, please contact our Customer Support team

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Yeah right. Your just going to move all your troll names to different email addresses


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