Boycott - TX and IL-Clinic Access Bill

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Boycott - TX and IL-Clinic Access Bill
Thu, 11-06-2003 - 4:13pm
One of Texas's biggest contractors have backed out of a project to build a clinic where abortions would be performed. The 6.2 million dollar building was scheduled to be open next fall, but the company cancelled due to too many complaints and threats of future business loss. Its seems like American's are starting to face the reality of what abortion is, the murder of an unborn child.

In IL rite now, in Dupage Cty, we've been told by a couple of snow plowing companies that they will be refusing to plow the parking lots of abortion clinics as well, meaning the clinics are still looking for someone who will clear the parking lots so abortions can be performed. The problem that they told us they had with the clinic was the fact the clinic claimed to be a medical clinic, meaning family practice (as he written on most of his windows, imagine bringing your child in for a shot, or check-up with protestors outside because he sends you a coupon; excellent business). Its alright, the senate of IL just passed the IL Access to Clinic law, meaning it will be illegal to even pray outside an abortion clinic. You could be subject to prosectution for even standing in public. Pro-choice groups couldn't stop with the 100 ft. no harassment or violence law, they had to infringe on our rights to peacefully assemble as well. If they think that gagging and binding us to silence is going to stop the truth from getting out, infringing on our constitutional rights isn't the only way they can stop the truth from getting out. I believe that this will only fuel American's to become more informed, before we become like communist China. Anti-life, Anti-family and Anti-Christian.

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IL Clinic Access Bill

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Thu, 11-06-2003 - 4:49pm
Well, the right to

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