A great group for PL Feminists

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A great group for PL Feminists
Tue, 11-11-2003 - 9:56am
We may be excluded from the main stream Women's Rights orgs, but this is one for those of us that support women and life.


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Tue, 11-11-2003 - 10:03am
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Tue, 11-11-2003 - 10:25am
You'll like this group too:


I wanted to talk with you about something. I recently was talking with a guy that was extremely pro-choice. He asked me, "Don't you think if we take abortions away, women's right to vote will be next? Or making them stay at home instead of go to work?" I couldn't believe what I heard.

How this could never happen:

1. No woman would stand for it. All 100% of women would come together on one thing for once.

2. No politicians would vote yes for this

3. We can't afford anymore in America to make one parent stay at home, and the other go to work.

I know one thing I'm pretty comfortable with my current budget, if I couldn't work heck I'd have a lot of time for school, but where would I live and what would I drive. I definetly wouldn't be able to afford much on his income, he does Tool and Die, and I'm a Customer Service Rep. for Sears Credit Card Service, now owned by Citibank. I work part-time and make the same amount at what he does full time. Business isn't so good in the manufacturing part of the world, but credit cards will always be in use. That guy actually walked away agreeing with me. Another peice of Radical Feminism thinking slam-dunked in the trash. This world would stop overnight if even one group of women couldn't vote or couldn't work. We need the educated, experienced people in office. And no one is fighting to take our right to vote away, or right to work away. Just our right to kill our children. Actually I am PC, I believe in adoption or keeping the child. What the difference between giving your child away, and killing it? One is that the other doesn't involve the termination of a growing child (can't deny that) and the other does.

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Tue, 11-11-2003 - 11:55am
CWFA is a great group. I have been aware of them for about 8 years now and really love them and their world view. They are the oldest women's org in this country,BTW.

Likening the end of abortion and the taking of Women's Rights as you described is nothing more than a scare tactic used by 'some' pc. Abortion and Women's Rights have nothing to do with eachother IMHO. Abortion is an assumed right based upon the liberal interpretation by a liberal court who acknowledged that a woman has the right to privacy and choice regarding her healthcare. Hence, since it is not a matter of public knowledge, a woman's medical choices and decisions, then it is not constitutionally posible to outlaw the proceedure out of hand. I think that it is a misinterpretation of the constitution, but until we get a right minded court seated, that will re hear the case, it will stand as such. So, our only way to overcome it all is to enact laws that are specifically stated for each and every type of abortion and term of pregnancy. Like PBA ban and Holly's Law as well as Parental Concent Laws. This is the front we must fight on.

I have enjoyed my time at home as a homemaker and mother. I worked for over 10 years doing business start up and Exec. Admin work. I also owned my own landscape maint. co. for over 5 years. I simply have made a choice to live less materialistically and stopped trying to engage in the rat race. One day I will return to work, but for now, I rather enjoy being an ol' fashioned gal. I can tell you this, it is FAR more work and much harder and less rewarding at times being a mother, wife and homemaker verses the professional working world. But in the end, I think it will prove worth it to me. It is not for every women, but all women should have a choice as to whether they want to be career orientated or home based. That is an unfortunate side effect of the women's right movement - my dh always says - well you burned your bra's for this.... and I tell him I burned nothing!!! The misconception is that all women wanted to work outside the home - which is way off base. Most women just wanted equal pay, equal consideration and equal opportunity - not to be forced into an economic twisting of the arm to work outside of the home. I respect women on both sides of this issue - very much so.

BTW: I am PC in the fact that we make the choices that get us pregnant to begin with and we have the power to make the choice not to get pregnant knowing that if we do, we have the choices to make that will help us make it through the pregnancy and choose to be mother or to place for adoption. There are many choices available to us without the choice of abortion. I am very much convicted in that belief.


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Tue, 11-11-2003 - 2:54pm
I agree, especially on your view with abortion. That's another thing I didn't consider. Most of the abortions performed are on mothers who were unwed and had the guy skip out. My new bumper sticker:

Irresponsible men love abortion.

(I've a white lumina, love my car)

I think the excuses we recieve for abortion, and the rolling back of women's rights have no argument. I hear all the time abortion is necessary, and have talked to no one who's live it saved. My sister called me and told me she saw on the news a woman speaking about how PBA abortion were needed to protect the life of the woman, especially in cases of preeclemsia. Interesting she told me, I thought the only cure for this disease was delivering the baby. She had threatened miscarriages all through her pregnancy, gestational diabetes, and started showing signs of preeclempsia before they delivered her daughter. She's fine, and an abortion wasn't needed. In closing: The lady's name was Lorin Slaughter. Excellent name for a pro-choice spokesperson.

Although I would love to be a homemaker, my husband is from Mexico and his status here isn't insured. We're in touch with an INS attorney to try and get his papers fixed. At the other jobs he used to have, the employers knew he was illegal and denied him bathroom breaks (he wet his pants one time, I made him quit) and working 12 hr shifts with no break. A friend employs him rite now, and he gets better benefits at his work then I do. But that also goes in covering my son's medical and dental needs, the state doesn't ever help me.

He understands I have college dreams, but I would also love to stay home, once we get his U.S. citizenship established he told me he's getting a second job, this way I can go to school full-time. Please let that be soon. Its hard knowing he could be deported at anytime, and I wouldn't have him anymore. Although I would move to Mexico if so deemed, but that kind of living isn't good. Mexico isn't the best place to live, no clean water for miles (have to go to a water mill and fill up your jugs) and flushing toilet paper is impossible. If its like this in southern Texas, imagine Mexico.

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Tue, 11-11-2003 - 3:07pm
Funny, we're on the same page today. I didn't see your post, but just put up some quotes from FFL. =)

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Tue, 11-11-2003 - 6:32pm
Kewl, I have two half Mexican siters and a cousin. It is a beautiful culture and people. I wish your husband ALL of the luck in the world in getting his citizenship - for I believe anyone willing to seek freedom deserves it! Sounds like he is a lucky man to have a supportive wife - such as yourself.