here's what I think

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here's what I think
Tue, 08-14-2007 - 4:20pm

I just wanted to start a new thread. A lot of you guys know from two other discussions what my views are, and keep asking questions and I know I've ignored some of them but only because it's hard to keep up!

In the case of a pregnant woman who was faced with the fact that if she decided to give birth to her baby, it would be dangerous for herself, her children who are already born, and the child who is about to be born... you know I think the right thing to do would be to have the child anyway. LOL and so many of you can't understand it.
Child abuse is wrong. Not protecting your children is wrong. Killing them is wrong. So based upon my morals, the correct course of action would be to simply (and yes, I know it's not actually simple in real life, but my answer is simple) give birth and do the BEST I could to protect myself and my children... WITHOUT aborting! I would do all things in my power to protect my family EXCEPT kill one of us. Further, (I know this does not apply to all) IIIII would KNOW that any circumstances we were faced with have been allowed by God. BUT remember, I would still be trying and trying and trying to do the best for my family. Someone mentioned that they would turn me into child protective services, but how can a woman who obviously does EVERYTHING she can to protect her family be in trouble? It is ridiculous to think that someone from child protective services would have any grounds if my only "misstep" had been to not have an abortion. You can't get in trouble for not having an abortion.

Also earlier I had said something along the lines of when you give birth at least there is hope for the baby, but with death, there is no hope. And a couple people questioned that because of my religion. I do believe that all babies who die go to heaven, and that is wonderful. BUT I also know that it is wrong (sinful) to decide when the time for those babies to go to heaven is. If it were not wrong to kill a human (including yourself), it would make sense that a lot of people who believe in heaven might always kill all of their babies just to make sure their entire family goes to heaven... or something like that. It's absurd. Anyway, what I meant by no hope, was just that if the baby is born into harsh circumstances, there is always hope that things will improve and they might be able to live a "nice life" (here on earth) afterall, despite any abuse, psych problems, disabilities, relational problems-- despite ANYTHING. There is always hope. But if the baby dies, there is obviously no hope of that.

I hope I cleared that up.