Holly's Parents Rally Suspension RU486

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Holly's Parents Rally Suspension RU486
Mon, 11-10-2003 - 1:03pm
‘Holly’s Law’ Introduced to Suspend FDA Approval of Abortion Drug

-Included is the open letter from Holly's parents.


As many know there is a great deal of support after the death of Holly Patterson, which also came after the deaths of a few other women who took this drug. The letter sites an investigation of all involved parties, including Planned Parenthood for not administering the drug appropriately. It also sites the Tell-A-Parent bill, as her parents believe that Holly might have been saved if her parents had known she had taken the drug.


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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 2:48pm

OK, I disagree with the no-parental-consent thing but wasn't this girl 18 when she got it?

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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 6:06pm
This is such a tragic case. That said, I don't think it's reasonable to go after the suspension of RU486 based on this case. First, she didnt tell the emergency room folks what was wrong with her. She didnt tell Planned Parenthood she had complications either.

Second, the hospital apparently sent her home while she was hemoraging. They are guilty of negligence at best, but, if they had kept her, and if she had told them why she was having pain and bleeding, she would likely be alive today. And finally, she was an adult. She was 18 years of age. There is no reason to go after parental notification laws based on this case. Further, as adults we have to take *some* responsibility for our health. She didnt tell anyone what was going on. If she had, things would likely be different.
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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 6:47pm

I agree.

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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 9:29pm
Thank you jlynn for sharing this with us. I agree with every single point Holly's parents made in their letter and hope that this suposedly 'safe' method of abortion is seriously REVIEWED! It is so sad that these people lost their daughter, but sadder still that a woman died because of lack of education, information and misinformation from an organization that claims to care so much. Holly found out how much they cared about her, unfortunately. My prayers go out to her family and for her.


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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 9:34pm
The parental consent is in regards to her pregnancy test at a women's health clinic, or at least that is what I gathered from my reading. She was 17 when she first found out about her pregnancy. Only 19 days into her 18th year - still a child herself by many standards. Thes parents should have had the right to protect their daughter. And Holly had a right to good and correct information about the product that was used to terminate her pregnancy. Neither was granted the right to what was needed to save this girls life. It is truely sad.


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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 9:37pm
I did not read anywhere that she did not notify or ask PP or tell the hospital ER what was going on. Did you? Could you please point that out for me?

I though PC supported abortion because it SAVED lives, not took or cost them lives. Now, I am confused!


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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 9:39pm
Are they trying to ban it or review it? I think that a review is in order, like with Ephedra, if it is causing loss of life, especially needless loss of life. If it is proven safe or safer than prenancy, the fine, keep it legal, otherwise we must protect our children and women who just don't understand or know the risks of this drug.

PP does need to stand up and acknowledge that the women they are claiming to care for by giving RU480 are dying, and they should support a review of any medical practice that is costing us lives.


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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 9:59pm
The letter her parents wrote stated that:

pregnant when she was just 17 years old. We now know that she learned about

her pregnancy in the second week of August and was so distraught over her

unplanned pregnancy that she sought help for depression from her family

doctor on September 10, 2003 - the very day that she began the drug

induced abortion process.>>>>

It also goes on to state:

fell victim of a process that wholly failed her, beginning with the

24-year-old man who had unprotected sex with her, impregnated her, and then

proceeded to facilitate the secrecy that surrounded her pregnancy and

abortion. Under this conspiracy of silence, Holly suffered and depended

on the safety of the FDA approved pill administered by Planned

Parenthood and emergency room treatment by Valley Care Medical Center where she

received pain killers for severe cramping and was sent home. On

Saturday and Sunday, Holly cried and complained of severe cramping and

constipation, and even allowed us to comfort her but could not tell us what

she was really going through. On September 17, 2003, she succumbed to

septic shock and died while many members of our family waited anxiously,

yet expectantly in the Critical Care Unit for her to recover until we

were forced behind the curtain when it was clear that she was dying.>>>

Which leads me to believe she had no clue that she could die from this pill, she was sent home after being given pain killers at a Medical Center. If there had been a serious problem, or they had told her to come back for any reason; or can we even be certain she was told she could have a chance at dying from pill when it was administered, no matter how little the risk should we be told?

Here's what Planned Parenthood says about RU-486 )




The entire article on RU-486 calls the pill a "safe and effective, and acceptable"; would you want to die from something, that you took to get rid of something you didn't want. I know women who've taken RU-486, that have also miscarried, they don't describe it like a normal miscarriage. Furthermore Holly had all the symptoms PP says this drug would, and doesn't give any warning about septic shock being the result of her death. The thing that's also weird about this drug is they way it was approved. It was put on the fast track, in the same classification as drugs for cancer; meaning urgent. Possible political motivation? Anyone who knows about PP running clinical trials for the FDA, and doing this under the veil of confidentiality, wonders how exact the data is.


A large majority of clinicians exercise their legal right to adapt the approved protocol based on scientific evidence. Ways in which the mifepristone regimen is often adapted include

reducing the dosage. It has been found that using one-third the standard dose (200 mg) is equally effective as using a full dose.

eliminating the second visit. Studies have found it is safe and effective to allow women to self administer the prostaglandin at home.

extending the time period for using mifepristone. Studies have found that mifepristone can be effective up to 63 days after the first day of the last menstrual period. (Boonstra, 2002). >>>

This is what her parents wrote in their letter:

Department as to why abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood are not

following FDA approved regulations to administer the drug. We question

the purity of the drugs they administer, especially when they are made in

foreign countries, such as China.

In addition to the dangers of this drug and its administration, we

believe that health care providers such as Valley Medical Care Center don’t

appear to be fully prepared to evaluate and treat patients with RU-486

complications in emergency situations. Holly was in the hospital twice

and died within 20 minutes before her follow up appointment with

Planned Parenthood. >>>

Furthermore she found out she was pregnant, and found out she was when she was still 17 yrs. old.

leading up to her pregnancy while she was still 17 years old. We know

now that a parental notification law would have brought Holly’s activity

to our attention and her needless death could have been prevented if we

had been aware and intervened.>>>

Meaning she was 17, when she recieved the pill, and died while she 18 yrs. old; before even going back for her follow-up visit after taking the pill.

What have I said about reading what I put down?

Now my next question:

If this drug was so effective why did the coroner say her death was due to the drug induced abortion, if this drug is safe. Why is nothing listed that you could even have a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of dying from taking a drug, think about it? Pregnancy isn't a disease, meaning you could possibly get sick and die (within 2 wks) after taking the drug. Where does PP site that this drug could kill you, or cause you to hemmorage; or make you become hospitalized. And at the same time be confidential and not have to release proof to the public, if everything is confidential wouldn't that mean that some of the cases that ended tragically might not have been traced back to this pill? It foolish to say no, Holly Patterson died of septic shock due to a chemical abortion. Would she have if she hadn't had this procedure done? Is that a safe drug?

In closing that is the root of why we need to inform parents, and also a reason of why we need to have better studies performed in America on what's safe and effective, this was classifieds by America's largest abortion provider, shouldn't they have gone for a less biased view? Shouldn't women be informed, and shouldn't children be protected? They're to young to know when to go into the ER, and farther more the parent will need to sign if they go into the ER, if the parent thinks there girl is haveing a normal period would you be really alarmed? Or if you knew would you look out for signs of trouble. But than there's the fact you have to have access to a hospital that knows how to treatment, a young woman suffering from a medical abortion; as her parents site the hospital didn't have the capability to do?

A part of the problem of abortions for minors, and women who aren't informed that dangers are always possible.

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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 10:23pm
I hope that this drug will pulled from the market, before many women will needlessly have to die. Would you agree: This isn't a pro-life or pro-choice issue; its about protecting the women who are going through a crisis and think they are being helped? If you're aren't even told that a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of death is possible than how would Holly have known she could die? I don't think so, I think Planned Parenthood is being very smug, and showing how little they care about their clients by chalking Holly off as just a tragedy, it was preventable. That's so ironic. I don't know Winds, you'd think that a woman's group would change there protocol on RU-486 and have followed the FDA's guidelines for administering this drug, in the first place. Obviously millions of dollars in lawsuits won't stop them, or slow them, from profitting off the deaths of women. No condolences, offer of settlement, or promise of action to America or the parents of Holly. Just telling America this is one death, and than what? Nothing. Just keep taking the drug and we won't change anything. I think that if Planned Parenthood followed the guidelines they needed to protect there clients, Holly wouldn't have died.

Thank for reading this, I feel bad for her parents also. How many nights will they cry over the loss of their daughter? How much will Planned Parenthood use her case as a sign they need to toughen their rules for administering this drug, and how in depth the counseling should be?

Does anyone remember when RU-486 was being bought over the internet?

Can it still be? What are the odds women will be counseled before taking this drug in those cases of internet purchasing?

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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 10:27pm
Please refer to article, she died 20 min. before her appt. with Planned Parenthood. And check out what Planned Parenthood says about RU-486, they don't even site in there outline on RU-486 that you could hemmorage, or even die. So why would she have to tell anyone?