Let's Daydream Shall We? :)

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Let's Daydream Shall We? :)
Tue, 08-14-2007 - 10:49am

Have you ever played the "What would I do if I won the lottery" game with someone?

I want to do a thread that is a spin off of that, but let's imagine, for the purpose of this thread, that all of us on this board have somehow been elected to government and were totally responsible for removing the need for abortion in our society.

What could we do as the new leaders of society to support those in our society that feel they have no choice but to abort because of the lack of social assistance? What could we put in place to support our future generations and to ensure that women who find themselves accidentially pregnant, in abusive situations, facing financial ruin, or are already poor and/or have children already born to take care of do not feel there is any other choice but to terminate?

We can be as inventive as we want because, remember, we are revolutionizing society as we know it to be more along the lines of the old addage "It takes an entire village to raise a child" mentality - right down to schooling, shelter, medicine, etc.

There are some rules, however. We have to keep in line with our respective Constitutions and the definitions therein.

Anybody game for this exercise? I think it would be awesome for the PL and PC of this board to come together for fun. Infighting and debating and disagreeing is the name of the game, just like it happens in the Senate and the HoC (for us Canadians). The end result is a consensus and majority ruling as to what we, the new politicians in charge of societal change, will do.

I hope this thread will generate some positivity on the board and get all of us (PC and PL) on a friendly basis with eachother for future debates!!!

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Tue, 08-14-2007 - 5:00pm

umm, I'm really bad at legal stuff but I think we need to have single-payer healthcare. This is importantly different than 100% healthcare coverage where all are required to have it and the poorest are subsidized, but the care itself is privatized. Right now we spend about twice as much per capita on healthcare than other typical developed nations, while providing substandard care with longer wait times and poorer management of chronic conditions. If we could cut out most of the advertising and the ridiculous hospital costs that are spent trying to figure out which insurance pays for what, we'd have so much money left over in the system that we could provide twice the healthcare that the UK does - without raising taxes (by re-routing the private money individuals currently put into their healthcare accounts).

This would guarantee that young people can get their pediatric visits. A pediatrician is the first healthcare provider that can intercede to make sure that a prepubescent has an age-appropriate understanding of their sexual health, including pregnancy prevention.

In our nation, the age demographic that is having the most abortions (20-24) is the demographic least likely to have healthcare. They are most likely to have trouble paying for their contraceptive. They don't have a provider to talk to about what to do if they can't successfully negotiate for condom use in their relationship - would a sponge or an IUD work? Or NuvaRing?

A guarantee of healthcare would also help a women who wants to keep her pregnancy. If she knows she can get quality prenatal care, and that her child is guaranteed to have good healthcare, some of the big expenditures that currently stand in a woman's way are taken care of.

It's a win all around. Get out there and vote!