The lightbulb is going off!

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The lightbulb is going off!
Mon, 05-04-2009 - 2:31pm

I recently reconnected with an old friend on Facebook.


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Sun, 05-17-2009 - 6:00pm

I think the trouble is at the decision point of your friend's situation, nobody knew, or could have told her with any reasonably certainty what the outcome of resuscitation would be. What the extent of his brain damage would be, even if they knew he'd have at least some. For me, and I'm pro-choice, I would probably have given the green light on CPR unless they had told me "he's going to be severely disabled for sure".

But in the case where you do know, I would also let him go. But then, there's a big difference between witholding resuscitation and ending a pregnancy.


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Mon, 05-04-2009 - 8:13pm
First, let me say that your boys are so cute! Second, I agree with you. I don't think anyone is thrilled with the idea of a woman having repeat abortions, but simply because a few women will abuse it doesn't mean we need to do away with choice. It has to be there for the safety and well being of women.
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