More funding for abstinence education???

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More funding for abstinence education???
Fri, 11-02-2007 - 6:45pm

Alrighty, science shows that this abstinence only education doesn't work... so WTF is going on in our government??

" A House-Senate conference committee on Thursday approved a fiscal year 2008 appropriations measure that would include a $27.8 million increase in funding of abstinence education programs, CQ Today reports. ... The House-approved version of the Labor-HHS-Education measure, which passed in July, included an increase in funding to $141 million for HHS' Community-Based Abstinence Education Program, which gives grants to groups that teach abstinence but not how to use contraception. The program's allocation in FY 2007 was $109 million, and President Bush requested a $137 million allocation for the program in FY 2008."

(posted because I think we are all interested in reducing the demand for abortions so it's relevent to the board, eh? I'm not expecting much debate, just posting as an FYI)