No choose life plate, yes for notary

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No choose life plate, yes for notary
Thu, 04-03-2003 - 10:50am
Yesterday the govenor had his vetos reviewed and the choose life plate got the boot. However, the requirement for minors to get parental permission for abortion notarized was upheld and will become law.

On a side note, PP has begun a campaign in VA to bring awareness that the ability to access birth control may be in danger. I guess there has been some talk about how exactly the hormonal methods of birth control (and I'm sure the IUD as well) work and whether or not they are abortificant. PP is concerned that access will become restricted or banned. Hmmmm, maybe they know they these methods do not prevent fertilization, only implantation and even then not 100%, and are getting nervous??? But now around Richmond, there are billboards by PP with things like "Think you have unlimited acces to birth control? Think again" or something like that with URLs to their information page on their website. So right now PP is spending $1mil to fend off an attack that hasn't happened and according to the representatives interviewed isn't going to happen.


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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 10:25pm
Just a clarification - the Pill's first line of defense is to prevent ovulation. Prevention of implantation is its backup plan. I still won't take the pill though - because I can't live with the fact that it might prevent a pregnancy by preventing implantation. I believe life begins at conception, so that method is unnaceptable to me. And nobody attack me on that one please - I'm not in favor of restricting access to the pill! It's a REALLY grey area for me, but I had to make a choice on this one that I could live with. Also, the pill is helpful in the reduction of ovarian cancer risk if taken for 5+ years. As an ovarian cancer survivor - that is a very important issue to me.