PETA joins forces with pro-choice.....m

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PETA joins forces with pro-choice.....m
Sat, 06-07-2003 - 8:33pm
activists? this argument lacks substance! NOT ONLY IS IT OBSURD TO COMPARE A HUMAN FETUS TO A SIDE OF BEEF.....its also completely off topic. i was not aware of the corrilation between abortion and a meat grinder, though the irony is impecable. I will have to look into this relationship (though im pretty sure i will find nothing).

i guess the next time i enter the grocery store to buy a pound of burger, i will first place a tiny white cross on the grounds and mourn for the unfortunate ending it must have endured. (by the way, when are the grocery stores going to begin selling fresh fetus on k-bob sticks?) probably never, as there is no relationshop between either!

anyway, as i chuckle at the very attempt of beef being compared to human fetuses, i have begun flipping through the pages of my local phone book in attempts of finding a live-stock veterenarian who is qualified to deliver my next child........maybe PETA could give me a referal?