The Places That Offer Free Pregnancy Tes

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The Places That Offer Free Pregnancy Tes
Tue, 07-31-2007 - 11:03pm

I'm new to this site and still trying to find my way around. I hope this is a good place to post my questions and concerns.

First, some background, I'm extremely poor, a college student (as is my boyfriend), and most days I have trouble affording food. I can't really afford to buy my own pregnancy test at this time and the local Planned Parenthood charges about $20 for their's (and that's with taking my income into consideration). My boyfriend and I use condoms and spermicide, every time, but I am still a week late. I signed up for a state program for free birth control but was told that it would take two weeks to a full month to be approved and I can't afford it without the program. So I'm still waiting for approval to the program.

My friend told me that there are places that give Free pregnancy tests but that I shouldn't go there unless I was certain that if pregnant, I would keep the pregnancy. At this point, I probably would not keep a pregnancy but I still really need a test and it would be best if it was free.

So, is it okay to go to the free place even if I probably wouldn't keep a pregnancy?
Would they treat me differently or badly?
What type of information can I expect from them?
Would you recommend it if you've been to one?
And would it be best to just pretend that I would keep the pregnancy to get the test and then make a decision later?

If you've been to one of these places, I am anxious to hear your story and whether you would send your best friend there or not.


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Wed, 08-01-2007 - 6:17am

From what i can gather if you go to a "crisis pregnancy centre" most of them are pro life so will try to pressure/brainwash you into continue with the pregnancy - so if you did go to one you'd have to be very determined not to let them "get" to you if you are considering a termination.

I'm just wondering, would your college have some sort of healthcare service that could give you a free test?

I'm sorry i've not got any concrete information, i'm in the UK so i'm having to go with guess work rather than concrete facts, but i didn't want you to think you're being ignored.


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Wed, 08-01-2007 - 4:19pm
Have you called your local health department or the college's health services department (if it has one)? You can find pg tests at the dollar store if you can manage that.
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Wed, 08-01-2007 - 4:25pm
Not sure where you are but on my TTC board a lot of women buy test from a store called dollar tree. they are a dollar each and pretty reliable if you are late

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Wed, 08-01-2007 - 8:27pm

First of all, best of luck and wishes to you right now.
If you are trying to make a decision, please check out the iVillage Abortion Support Board, which is NOT a debate but supports women during their decision-making process no matter which way they go, through whatever appointments, and for years after. They often talk about nuts and bolts type stuff, such as funding and how people are treated.

As previous posters mentioned, check the dollar store, and also most colleges do have subsidized testing, so call the campus health center. If they don't have a program, they can probably direct you to one.

I once went to a crisis pregnancy center to find out if I was pregnant, though I was not late nor had I misused my birth control pills, but it was the first time I had had sex depending on them to work and it freaked me out even though there was no real reason to think I was actually pregnant. This was in 1997.

Little grandmother types inside were very pleasant, didn't ask me why I thought I was pregnant, they were clearly not medical professionals nor trying to be. They had me give them urine so they could run the home pregnancy test, and I was negative. They gave me a bunch of brochures about how it's a baby from the beginning anyhow, and I did feel like they were almost disappointed I wasn't pregnant.

Anyhow, some crisis pregnancy centers have been shut down for misleading women about their pregnancy, such as how far along they are or what kinds of services they can get at that center. I don't think they would mislead you about whether you were pregnant, and you can just make sure to check all their facts if they tell you anything beyond "yes" or "no". They may give you baby clothes or something like that to try to make you feel bonded to the pregnancy. Just be pleasant and thank them for their time and the test.

Outside of all that - if you are at all undecided about whether you would keep a pregnancy, please get your folic acid daily just in case. The vulnerability window for neural tube defects is in the very early weeks after conception. The generic prenatals at the drugstore are plenty good enough, or since money is an issue - most breads and cereals are folic acid fortified and fresh greens are an excellent source. Get a little of each every day until you have decided. Heck, folic acid is good for you anyway regardless of if you are pregnant, so eat some every day.

Good luck. Keep talking with your boyfriend.