The point for my post on RU-486

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The point for my post on RU-486
Mon, 11-10-2003 - 11:02pm
If you haven't read it here it is:

and supporting articles:

The letter her parents wrote stated that:

pregnant when she was just 17 years old. We now know that she learned about

her pregnancy in the second week of August and was so distraught over her

unplanned pregnancy that she sought help for depression from her family

doctor on September 10, 2003 - the very day that she began the drug

induced abortion process.>>>>

It also goes on to state:

fell victim of a process that wholly failed her, beginning with the

24-year-old man who had unprotected sex with her, impregnated her, and then

proceeded to facilitate the secrecy that surrounded her pregnancy and

abortion. Under this conspiracy of silence, Holly suffered and depended

on the safety of the FDA approved pill administered by Planned

Parenthood and emergency room treatment by Valley Care Medical Center where she

received pain killers for severe cramping and was sent home. On

Saturday and Sunday, Holly cried and complained of severe cramping and

constipation, and even allowed us to comfort her but could not tell us what

she was really going through. On September 17, 2003, she succumbed to

septic shock and died while many members of our family waited anxiously,

yet expectantly in the Critical Care Unit for her to recover until we

were forced behind the curtain when it was clear that she was dying.>>>

Which leads me to believe she had no clue that she could die from this pill, she was sent home after being given pain killers at a Medical Center. If there had been a serious problem, or they had told her to come back for any reason; or can we even be certain she was told she could have a chance at dying from pill when it was administered, no matter how little the risk should we be told?

Here's what Planned Parenthood says about RU-486 )



The entire article on RU-486 calls the pill a "safe and effective, and acceptable"; would you want to die from something, that you took to get rid of something you didn't want. I know women who've taken RU-486, that have also miscarried, they don't describe it like a normal miscarriage. Furthermore Holly had all the symptoms PP says this drug would, and doesn't give any warning about septic shock the result of her death. The thing that's also weird about this drug is they way it was approved. It was put on the fast track, in the same classification as drugs for cancer; meaning urgent. Possible political motivation? Anyone who knows about PP running clinical trials for the FDA, and doing this under the veil of confidentiality, wonders how exact the data is.


A large majority of clinicians exercise their legal right to adapt the approved protocol based on scientific evidence. Ways in which the mifepristone regimen is often adapted include

reducing the dosage. It has been found that using one-third the standard dose (200 mg) is equally effective as using a full dose.

eliminating the second visit. Studies have found it is safe and effective to allow women to self administer the prostaglandin at home.

extending the time period for using mifepristone. Studies have found that mifepristone can be effective up to 63 days after the first day of the last menstrual period. (Boonstra, 2002). >>>

This is what her parents wrote in their letter:

Department as to why abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood are not

following FDA approved regulations to administer the drug. We question

the purity of the drugs they administer, especially when they are made in

foreign countries, such as China.

In addition to the dangers of this drug and its administration, we

believe that health care providers such as Valley Medical Care Center don’t

appear to be fully prepared to evaluate and treat patients with RU-486

complications in emergency situations. Holly was in the hospital twice

and died within 20 minutes before her follow up appointment with

Planned Parenthood. >>>

Furthermore she found out she was pregnant, and found out she was when she was still 17 yrs. old.

leading up to her pregnancy while she was still 17 years old. We know

now that a parental notification law would have brought Holly’s activity

to our attention and her needless death could have been prevented if we

had been aware and intervened.>>>

Meaning she was 17, when she recieved the test,and died while she 18 yrs. old; before even going back for her follow-up visit after taking the pill. Since she was 17 at the time, if her parents had been notified would that have possibly saved her in the end, because her parents would have also found out she took the drug. It might have opened up a line of communication between her and her parents, isn't it necessary for something like that?

Now my next question:

If this drug was so effective why did the coroner say her death was due to the drug induced abortion, if this drug is safe. Why is nothing listed that you could even have a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of dying from taking a drug, think about it? Pregnancy isn't a disease, meaning you could possibly get sick and die (within 2 wks) after taking the drug. Where does PP site that this drug could kill you, or cause you to hemmorage; or make you become hospitalized. And at the same time be confidential and not have to release proof to the public, if everything is confidential wouldn't that mean that some of the cases that ended tragically might not have been traced back to this pill? It foolish to say no, Holly Patterson died of septic shock due to a chemical abortion. Would she have if she hadn't had this procedure done? Is that a safe drug?

Furthermore, that is the root of why we need to inform parents, and also a reason of why we need to have better studies performed in America on what's safe and effective, this was classifieds by America's largest abortion provider, shouldn't they have gone for a less biased view? Shouldn't women be informed, and shouldn't children be protected? They're to young to know when to go into the ER, and farther more the parent will need to sign if they go into the ER, if the parent thinks there girl is having a normal period would you be really alarmed? Or if you knew of her abortion would you look out for signs of trouble?But than there's the fact you have to have access to a hospital that knows how to treat, a young woman suffering from a medical abortion; as her parents site the hospital didn't have the capability to do.

A part of the problem of abortions for minors, and women who aren't informed that dangers are always possible.

In closing Pro-life groups, Holly's parents, and some politicians want this drug shelved and reviewed. Some Anti-life advocates are highly against this. Tell me who are we protecting? The drug hasn't even had sufficient testing done, this is what happens when groups like NOW, NARAL, and PP get politically involved. PP isn't administering the drug according to FDA guidelines, they are being reckless in how they administer it. Reports even site that they're administering the drug later than what the FDA approved it for, are administering it vaginally (this drug wasn't approved for that) and are allowing girl to take it at home. This is all in the reports and this has farther also been reported on the news.

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As I have stated on the vaccine thread, EACH AND EVERY drug has a package insert, available by law form the provider who dispenses the drug. Surely mifepristone has one as well?

How it is dispensed:

Health Care Professionals Providing Mifiprex
<< Under Federal law, each patient must be provided with a Medication Guide. You must fully explain the procedure to each patient, provide her with a copy of the Medication Guide and PATIENT AGREEMENT, give her an opportunity to read and discuss them, obtain her signature on the PATIENT AGREEMENT, and sign it yourself. >>

The Medication Guide
<<What are the side effects of Mifeprex?
Bleeding and cramping are a normal part of the process. You may experience bleeding similar to or greater than a heavy period and can expect bleeding or spotting for an average of 9 –16 days. In some cases, women may have severe bleeding and need to contact their doctor right away. Side effects of the combined regimen that may occur include nausea, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue and back pain. You can take a pain reliever to help alleviate discomfort. >>

Patient Brochure

And the GRAND FINALE: the Labelling Information (AKA the PACKAGE INSERT)

Clinical Studies: <>

Contraindications: <>

Warnings: <>

Confirmation of Pregnancy Termination: <<Patients should be scheduled for and return for a follow-up visit at approximately 14 days after administration of mifepristone to confirm that the pregnancy is completely terminated and to assess the degree of bleeding. Vaginal bleeding is not evidence of the termination of pregnancy. Termination can be confirmed by clinical examination or ultrasonographic scan. Lack of bleeding following treatment, however, usually indicates failure. Medical abortion failures should be managed with surgical termination. >>

Information for Patients : <- the necessity of completing the treatment schedule, including a follow-up visit approximately 14 days after taking Mifeprex;
- that vaginal bleeding and uterine cramping probably will occur;
- that prolonged or heavy vaginal bleeding is not proof of a complete expulsion;
- that if the treatment fails, there is a risk of fetal malformation;
- that medical abortion treatment failures are managed by surgical termination; and
- the steps to take in an emergency situation, including precise instructions and a telephone number that she can call if she has any problems or concerns. >>

Adverse Reactions: <>

What are the possible side effects of using Mifeprex?
<this bleeding will need to be stopped by a surgical procedure. Contact your provider right away if you bleed enough to soak through two thick full-size sanitary pads per hour for two consecutive hours or if you are concerned about heavy bleeding.
Other side effects of the treatment include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, back pain, and tiredness. These side effects lessen after Day 3 and are usually gone by Day 14. Your provider will tell you how to manage any pain or other side effects.


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Tired is pointless, I'm tired of groups like PP not following protocol, that's why they're in this mess. I take it you've never been to a confidential clinic. Let me help you understand what goes on, I've been to one many times before.

You make the appt. 1st name only basis, no one has to know

I never signed a document with my first and last name.

I was on a first name basis.

Do you understand that?

Also in the area of confidentiality, they won't release documents like that. They'll need a court order. So how can you know what happened?

I went to the clinic, my exam was $69.00, I never signed anything with both my first or last name. How do they know who I am. I was known only by Jennifer, my name. Nothing else. Furthermore I opted not to put down an address, they never stopped me. My mother was very abusive growing up, I never let her know I was sexually active, the amazing thing? When my sister got pgt she had to tell her, my mother was bitter, but took a turn for the better allowing my sister to get help, although she never helped any of us farther than that.

If you ever decide to read the articles I post, I know. Anyway. The father claimed he found a brochure in the room, that instructed her on inserting the drug vaginally. The drug was not approved in this way. Furthermore, this drug wasn't approved for patients to take at home. And also, Planned Parenthood, has been sited numerous times for violating laws and doing things at there own wim, that's illegal no matter what group you are. If they followed any laws they wouldn't have these problems. I just called into a radio station this morning and talked on a show, most kids that called in didn't even know you could get STD's orally, tell me is the PP curriculum for schools teaching them that needed valuable information? or are they handing out condoms and bc like candy? Telling them sex can be safe, forgetting to include that a risk can come even for those who only do oral, or use condoms. Nothing is fail proof.

By result of the medical coroners examination Holly died of septic shock, caused by endometriosis, caused by her medical abortion. Its in the articles I posted, in the letter her parent wrote.

And so you know, I can tell you didn't read the article. Holly died 20 min. before her 14 day follow with Planned Parenthood. And yes it also states in one of the articles that she called the PP hotline for assistance, and told the ER what she was going through. How could someone who was healthy, take something and die from it? Where in your article does it state to go in and that there's a one in one million chance you could have compications so great you could die?


Where is this included in PP's display of the drug? It's perfectly safe, read the PP site that I posted. I guess reading things that could make us think contradictively to what we believe can feel threatening at some times, I don't have that problem.