Pro-life or Pro-choice?

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Pro-life or Pro-choice?
Thu, 01-17-2013 - 10:26am

DH and I have been debating whether we think more people are more pro-life or pro-choice these days. He thinks more people are pro-life but I think it's just the area we live in (the South). I think, overall, across the country,  more people are pro-choice.

What do ya'll think? Does it seem like there's more of one side than the other? 

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Wed, 01-23-2013 - 11:42am

I actually started a similar topic about this a few weeks ago. I had found a study saying that the number of Pro-Choice Americans had hit a record low. I see SO many anit-abortion bumper stickers on cars these days Frown

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Fri, 01-25-2013 - 7:54pm

According to the Pew Research Center, opinions about abortion have remained pretty stable over the past twenty years.  In 1992, only 34% wanted to overturn Roe vs Wade.  In 2003, only 31% did and in 2013 (recent poll) the percentage of registered voters that wanted to overturn Roe vs Wade was 29%.

With 63% of the registered voters surveyed in Jan. 2013 by the Pew folks stating they don't want to see Roe vs Wade overturned, it would seem that rather than ground, the Pro-Life side is where it always was--in the minority.  The reason for Roe vs Wade in the first place was that the feeling of the country was in favor of it.

IMHO, the reason we hear more about "pro-life" is that the side that is in the minority usually works harder to be heard. For them it is an important issue that needs to be changed.  In contrast, most people on the pro-choice side are a little bored with the whole thing.  We've said everything that can be said, and no one's mind seems to be changed.

While Pro-Life opinions have not gained dominance, it is an unfortunate fact that the Pro-Life folks have succeeded in closing down abortion clinics in many states and making abortion increasingly difficult to optain. I saw a panel on EWTN recently where they were congratulating themselves on this.  

For those of us who have the financial resources to obtain private abortions, there is no problem, but for the poor in some states (especially in the South) it is often as difficult to get an abortion today as it was in the 1970s, shortly after Roe vs Wade was passed.

There are still some very articulate and determined Pro-Choice groups out there (Planned Parenthood, for example) but they don't seem to make the news as much as the Pro-Lifers.

For the record, I am Pro-Choice but I understand where many of the Pro-Lifers are coming from.  At the core of this debate is an unanswerable question:  whose "rights" matter more, the woman whose body may be co-opted by the state for reproduction (if we don't allow abortion) or the embryo/fetus who needs the woman's body in order to survive?

The perfect solution, in my view, is to come up with a good artificial womb and gently remove unwanted babies to said womb after which they could be given for adoption to eager parents.  Until we have the technology to do that, we will continue to have this debate.


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Sat, 01-26-2013 - 7:28am

Once upon a time was very liberal. I was a gender-feminist (men were bad), and I believed all the tripe being spread about how men in general, the government, the medical community, and "those people" were trying to supress my right to "express" my sexual freedom, i.e. have sex whenever, with whomever, no matter-what-the-consequences. So I used to be pro-choice.

No more. Not for a long, long time.

For the record, I exercised my "reproductive right" NOT to have kids. I have never been pregnant, never tried, and never wanted to be. That said, I have arrived at 53 with a much better understanding of who is in charge of MY fertility: ME.

This is 2013, not 1913. Women won the right to vote a 100 years ago plus. We have economic power. We have the right to get an education. We can choose to stay home and raise a family or be the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. Or anything in between. Yet, what I witness daily in many forms is "liberated women" making dubious choices about their sexuality, fertility, and the fate of the children they conceive in the name of "choice." In other words modern women don't realize how much power and control they wield over their reproductive lives. They willingly "give it up" to often to the first available male, and at any opportunity simply because they can. Because in our culture "causal sex" has no consequences: no bad reputation, no shame. Not even unintended pregnancy deters us from screwing any time.

Ever watch those National Geographic videos of the Bird of Paradise mating rituals? The males spend hours learning and preparing for a performance they will hope will dazzle a willing female Bird of Paradise into mating with him. The females gather around the perimeter of the dance floor and watch these performances with almost indifference. And I marvel at how after the males have whirled and twirled and displayed beautiful plummage, that many of those females remain unimpressed and reject the overtures of many of the males. In other words, they're picky!

I wish human females were more picky. We possess so many advantages and so much technology that enables us to CHOOSE to regulate our fertility: whether we become mothers, with whom, how often, how many, etc. And yet those of us who view abortion as murder not "choice," are labeled a danger as if we were jack-booted thugs waiting in the wings to round women up like pigeons to be fed to cats.

So here's my plea to today's young woman:

1)BE PICKY about who you let between your legs.

2)DON'T SETTLE for any man with an erection.

3)BIRTH CONTROL IS NOW FREE. Use it. Every time.

4)DON'T KILL your unborn child because he or she is "inconvenient" and you have a damn "right to choose."

The moment you lay down and open your knees, you have chosen. Be smart about it. Be willing to exercise your "choice" by not accepting a pretty face or a nice dance move as proof of sexual prowess or anything else. 

Future generations of women are depending on you.

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Mon, 01-28-2013 - 3:12pm

I find your comment about being picky on who you let between your legs a bit naive. It's not only single women who might be in the position to need an abortion. What about the mother who is faced with a baby who has a severe, fatal birth defect? What about the struggling family who had faulty birth control (no method is 100% effective) and is not in the position to provide for another child? I don't believe it's in my place to determine what another woman does with her body, unless I have walked in her shoes, and even then it's not my decision to make. I hope I never find myself in the position of needing one, but like to know that the option is available. Not every one has as many choices available to them as you make out in your post, and not every woman chooses to have sex with any available male. I would hate to go back in the past where a woman who has sex outside of marriage would be considered a slut who should be disgraced and not accepted in society. 


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