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Question Re: Parental Consent
Thu, 11-06-2003 - 11:46am
If it is "illegal" or discouraged (I'm not sure of the legal ramifications if any concerning these restrictions) for a child under 17 to view a rated R movie, or a child under 18 (in some states) to get a tattoo or piercing, or for a parent to knowingly allow their child to be truant, then why is it so wrong for a parent's consent to be required in order for a child to get an abortion?

Why is there no outcry to protect a child's right to watch what she wants to watch, pierce or tattoo what she wants to pierce or tattoo, or skip school if and when she pleases? Is it because a child is not considered mature or responsible enough to handle decisions regarding such trivial (to some) decisions as what movies to watch or how to decorate her body or manage her own education?

Furthermore, why are parents held responsible by our community and the media when a child does something illegal or irresponsible? If the child is mature and responsible enough to make major decisions concerning her current and future reproductive health without the benefit of parental counsel and approval, why shouldn't the child have access to other rights granted persons over 18 years of age (pick an age, depending on the specific right or priviledge)?

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Thu, 11-06-2003 - 11:50am
Hello. I couldn't agree with you more. I think trying to spread a so called "Woman's Right" over to include children is morally and ethically wrong while at the same time violating parental rights and concerns for their own children.


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Sun, 11-23-2003 - 8:58pm
A child under 17 doesn't need a parent to be present in order to see an R rated movie...they only need to go with a person over the age of 17. As far as my dughter, she has pretty much grown up watching what she wants to watch...Unknown to me she snuck out of bed and watched "Nightmare on Elm Street" while I was watching it when she was two years old...she was hiding where she couldn't be seen and when I discovered her she had already viewed over half of the movie. Since then she has pretty much viewed what I have viewed and before she was 17 had gone with older friends to see R rated movies.

When it comes to the rest of what she does...she has always known that if she was to get in trouble with the law I would bail her out once...but only once. Yes her father and I will be held responsible for her actions unti she is 18 (in January) but I have always stressed to her that whatever trouble she got into she would STILL have me to answer to and there will ALWAYS be payback.