so confused.

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so confused.
Tue, 09-16-2008 - 6:38pm

So last month my husband and I threw around the idea to have another baby so our son would have a sibling to grow and learn with.

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Tue, 09-16-2008 - 6:50pm

Sorry you are finding yourself in such a confusing place. I have to say though that this is probably not the best board to talk about it on as we are kind free with out opinions. I would suggest checking out the unplanned pregnancy board (you can get there by clicking unplanned pregnancy in my siggy) or the abortion support board.

Wishing you all the best and I hope you can find a decision you are comfortable with

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Tue, 09-16-2008 - 8:11pm

I'm sorry that you're facing an unplanned pg and feeling so stressed about it.

As our esteemed CL stated, however, this is a debate board and not a support board, so it's possible that you might read some things which could upset you.

Here's the link to the Unplanned Pregnancy board.

I'm the CL on the Pregnant after 35 board, and I welcome moms there all the time who have "surprise" pregnancies, sometimes years after their last pg.


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Fri, 09-19-2008 - 2:01pm
first of all-major hugs to you. this a rough place to be in. its part of the reason i get my depo shot every 3 months like i should. i think maybe one day ill want another baby, but i dont know. i already have 2 and dont know if i can "do" hubby wants another, but im unsure. anyway, when we conceived our first-it was like your situation. we decided to "try and make a baby" one night-and boom-found out i was expecting 4 weeks after that. it was unplanned, but very wanted. yes, it took a lot of getting used to-plus i was young, had a minimum paying job, we were unmarried at the time...and when my dd got here, i had no idea what to do with her. but i adjusted. i learned. baby #2 was planned-it took us 10 months to concieve her. then she got here...i had to adjust again. every baby you have, you have to adjust for. every major life change you have to adjust for. i cant tell you what to do-im not in your shoes. dont rush this decision and make sure this is a decision that you make for you and your dh. dont
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Fri, 09-19-2008 - 10:20pm

I was just in your shoes 9 months ago.