Who is fighting for this woman's rights

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Who is fighting for this woman's rights
Thu, 11-06-2003 - 10:55am
and her right to have been this child's mother? Who is respecting the fact that this mother has lost a child and not simply calling her child a CHOICE because it was not born yet? Why are there PC against fetal homicide laws and protection? Those who are against it, can you tell me you represent this women and women like her? Do you have compassion and sympathy for her loss? Why are there death certificates issued to these unborn who are lost without the choice of the mother - what makes them a human life deserving of that respect, but not a child who was lost by choice?

This tears my heart to pieces. I could not ever imagine her pain or any mother's pain. I especially could not imagine the outrage at there being no crime for the person who caused this loss to own up to or be penalized for. How is that protecting this woman or any other woman who has lost her child due to another's actions?


Is this not a baby because it had not the chance to be born? Do we realize or acknowledge that children as far along as this one have died due to PBA? How can that be acceptable to any single one of us, PC or PL? I just don't know how.

BTW: For the mother, I offer a prayer ............................. amen.


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Thu, 11-06-2003 - 11:10am
Two more women who are being 'supported' by women's rights. Right?


Sharon Rocca - Laci Petersons' mother and sponcer of the Unborn Victum of Violence Act:


Facts about the pending bill:


Princeton Survey Research Associates Provided by Newsweek:


Fox News Poll:


(BTW: BOTH Newsweek and Fox support my previous post of america being virtually split down the middle on abortion - and I was challenged to provide back up. Hope this is sufficient.)

In addition, pro-life groups and citizens should send letters for publication in local newspapers and websites, and call local radio talk shows, to generate public attention to the continued obstruction of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act in the U.S. Senate. Here are some of the key points to get across:

! The issue boils down to this:_ When a criminal attacks a pregnant woman, injuring or killing her, and also injuring or killing her unborn child -- has he claimed one victim, or two?

! According to a Newsweek poll released on June 1, 84% of the public believe that the killing of the unborn child during a crime should be recognized as a homicide (56% throughout development, another 28% after A viability@ ), while only 9 percent disagreed.

! Surviving family members of unborn victims of violence, such as Sharon Rocha (grandmother of Conner Peterson) and Tracy Marciniak (mother of Zachariah) are imploring Congress to pass the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, and to reject the A single-victim substitute.@ In a letter to lawmakers, Rocha said that A adoption of such a single-victim amendment would be a painful blow to those, like me, who are left alive after a two-victim crime, because Congress would be saying that Conner and other innocent unborn victims like him are not really victims B indeed, that they never really existed at all. But our grandson did live. He had a name, he was loved, and his life was violently taken from him before he ever saw the sun.

States that already have laws on the books are:


Which is justice for this women:



And documented challenges against the murdered unborn, the parents who have suffered the loss and the clear message to the perpetrator who caused the loss, that they are in the clear:


I hope you all review my links. Albeit, they were pulled from NRLC, they were mostly articles from reliable sources.


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Thu, 11-06-2003 - 1:34pm
god that makes me cry so hard. I know that in New York there are laws that protect the unborn or prosecute those that cause injury or death to a wanted fetus. i do not know about anywhere else.