Wrong-embryo baby's parents laud guardia

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Wrong-embryo baby's parents laud guardia
Sat, 09-26-2009 - 6:06pm


TOLEDO, Ohio - An Ohio woman who gave birth to a baby boy after a fertility clinic implanted her with the wrong embryo is a "guardian angel," the boy's biological parents said Saturday.

Paul and Shannon Morell of suburban Detroit said in a statement that they would be "eternally grateful" to Carolyn Savage for her decision to give birth to their child despite the clinic's mistake.

"It's been a long, difficult journey, and we're thrilled that our family is now complete," the Morells said. "We will be eternally grateful for his guardian angel, Carolyn Savage, and the support of the entire Savage family.

"We're looking forward to spending the next few weeks getting to know our new baby."

The boy was born Thursday at 5 pounds and 3 ounces at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center in Toledo. He measures 18 inches long.

In a statement Friday, the Savages offered congratulations to the Morells.

"At this time, we would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to the Morell family on the birth of their son," the Savages' statement said. "We wish Paul, Shannon, their twin girls and their new baby boy the best, as they move forward with their lives together."

The Savages asked for privacy in the days ahead, saying "Our family is going through a very difficult time."

The Savages extended thanks to people around the world for their support and prayers. They thanked medical professionals for their care and treatment throughout the pregnancy and delivery.

The Savages say a fertility clinic outside Ohio transferred the wrong frozen embryo in February. Ten days later, they got a call from a doctor at the clinic saying she was pregnant with someone else's child.

The Savages said in an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday they never considered terminating the pregnancy or trying to fight for custody.

They have hired attorneys who say they are working to make sure the fertility clinic accepts responsibility.

The Morells, who live in Troy, Mich., found out about the fertility clinic mistake a day after the Savages.

The two couples knew nothing about each other. Shannon Morell feared that the pregnant woman would choose abortion, ending their chance to give their 2-year-old twin girls a sibling.

A few days passed before they learned that the Savages were not only willing to continue with the pregnancy but also to hand over the baby without hesitation.

"This was someone else's child," 40-year-old Carolyn Savage told the AP on Wednesday. "We didn't know who it was. We didn't know if they didn't have children or if this was their last chance for a child."

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Sat, 10-17-2009 - 12:37pm

Once the child is born it's not about her body anymore.

That's absolutely right, and in that case, I leave it up to the Courts. >>

Ok but what I'm saying is...assume this is you...your embryo implanted in another woman....and she chooses to continue the pregnancy.......wold you want her raising your child? would you be OK with it?

Would your answer change if this was your last chance to have a genetic child?

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You know, I don't think I can honestly answer that one way or another.
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