6m of breastmilk alone too long, could harm babies

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6m of breastmilk alone too long, could harm babies
Mon, 01-09-2012 - 3:14pm

What do you think? Could exclusive BFing till 6 months (or beyond) harm a baby?

And something a commenter posted - Is it impossible to BF exclusively for 6 months? Does life, jobs, family, etc. get in the way. Would baby insist on eating solids before this?

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I posted a reply - or thought I did, but it has disappeared.

This study was around a while ago. I remember discussing it here before.

Things that strike me:-

1. An alternative explanation could be thaty the babies who are non allergic are showing interest in food or at least not outright refusing it, a bit earlier than six months. Whereas, the babies with allergies or a tndency to celiac disease instinctively refuse early solids, thus causing the correlation. Anecdotally, my mother has told me that I refused to even consider solids until at least 8 or 9 months. I have suffered from allergies such as eczema, hives. More recently, I was discovered to be gluten sensitive, and feel tons better on a gluten free diet. Is it because of delayed solids causing this? Or is it that I refused solids because the tendency to these health issues was pre-existing, and somehow I rejected the solids? The are very few babies who are fed breastmilk only for six months, so a very small sample size. Such a small sample size would easily be skewed by babies who rejected solids at that age for some good but unknown reason.

2. I know that three of the researchers declare having received funding from infant food manufacturers. While they do not outright state that prepared infant food should be used, and do suggest using other foods, in many peoples minds, baby food is the stuff in jars and little packets. I sense a conflict of interest.

3. Even more I sense a conflict of interest, when the conclusion drawn here is quite the opposite of a lot of other significant studies. Why is it so different?