Are the formula companies pushing harder?

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Are the formula companies pushing harder?
Wed, 01-12-2011 - 11:00am

I signed up Leia to the formula companies when she came home from the hospital, to help her mom, I am still getting coupons in the mail for formula. Usually they are for $3-$5 dollars off.

Today I received one a Enfamil magazine with coupons inside - the usual $3 and one for $12.50 off Enfapro A+ 680g powder! Not sure what that size can costs?

The page says:

Now that your baby has started solid foods, try Enfapro A+. At 6 months, your baby's nutritional needs change. Enfapro A+ provides balanced nutrition Moms can turn to after their babies reach 6 months of age.

BTW, I just realized that Leia's 1st birthday is coming up next week - a sad day...

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Wed, 01-12-2011 - 11:03pm
It may be the state that I just moved to, but yes. They sent me stuff out of the blue for my "baby" (who just turned 6.) They also acted as though I am expecting, and I am not. I got formula, coupons and "advice". I called them and told them that them sending to me was offensive. I hinted that I had a miscarriage (well, not recently) but that it is insensitive to send stuff to people who don't want it. They do not know what any woman's circumstances are. I have know some women trying to get pregnant that would have been in tears at getting the formula because it would remind them of what their bodies could not do.