Ban smoking in a car with kids?

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Ban smoking in a car with kids?
Tue, 03-19-2013 - 8:16pm

Parents have the right to decide how much risk it puts on their own child's health. My parent smoked in the car when I was a kid and I'm fine.

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Fri, 03-29-2013 - 9:42am

We never used seat bealts when I was a kid, and we were involved in several accidents and none of us died - so we are all fine...

My son never worn a helmet when he rode his bike, and rode down some stairs, crashing at the bottom, knocked himself out and woke up in the ambulance. But he was just fine...

My parents also smoked and the doctor says that my coughing and wheezing is not asthma, so I am just fine...

Why do people not understand that the rules are made to protect the ones that are not fine, the ones that did suffer, the ones that did die? It's easy to look back and say, "I am fine", but did your parents know that you would survive, when they made that decision for you??

Let's see... Johnny can survive pretty much anything, so no seat belts, bicycle helmets or car seats for him. And we can lock him up in the car and smoke for a two hour trip as well - because he will grow up to be just fine!

But little Suzie? Well, she is not going to be so lucky, so wrap her up in bubble wrap and walk her to the sitters every time we want to go on a trip - no car rides for her!