BFing on Gifted Man TV show

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BFing on Gifted Man TV show
Sun, 01-15-2012 - 11:11am

Anyone watch the "A Gifted Man" show? I was watching the other night, and there was a homeless teen mom that suddenly gave birth in the free clinic. When the baby is born in the trama room, a nurse takeshim into another room. The mom asks where they were taking her baby, and the doctor said that they were just going to clean him up, access him and weigh him, then bring him back so that mom could breastfeed him. The doctor didn't even ask her plans, just assumed - which was kind of cool!

Then they cut to the scene of the baby, all wrapped up with a pacifier in his mouth. They carry the baby back to the mother, calling out that baby is coming for his first feeding. I can't help wondering how successful he would have been at BFing, now that they have already ruined his suck!

Of course, this gave the mom time to run away, while she was left unattended in the trama room, so she was gone. Then the dr says that she still has her placenta - and I can't help wondering why they would leave her unattended, with her placenta still attached???