BFing pic considered "adult content" on the comic cover

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BFing pic considered "adult content" on the comic cover
Wed, 01-11-2012 - 4:36pm

'Saga' Artist Fiona Staples Responds to Dave Dorman Criticism of 'Breastfeeding Cover'


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This is just another case, most likely of someone finding it hard to accept breast being used for a no-sexual purpose like BF'ing. It's not the exposure of the breast that bothers him but the baby suckling on it. He tried to claim that the real issue was that he had thought this was a family-friendly comic and that was why he objected to the cover featuring BF'ing. But as others bloggers pointed out, there is nothing inappropriate about kids seeing a drawing of a mother BF'ing or for that matter even seeing a mother BF'ing in real-life, which ITA with. Children are not going to see anything sexual in a mother BF'ing and this guy and others like him should not assume children share their inability to see BF'ing as non-sexual.