Blog post on breastfeeding at church

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Blog post on breastfeeding at church
Mon, 02-25-2013 - 7:37pm

I thought some here might find this interesting.  It's a thread on a blog I read (Feminist Mormon Housewives) about a woman being asked to cover up or leave her church meeting.

One thing I found interesting in the comments:  there is a lot of hostility toward moms for breastfeeding in public (as well as a lot of support for it), but virtually no mention of bottlefeeding or formula.  I think it supports my view of that the norm in the communities I'm most familiar with is this: "Breastfeed, of course!  But you'd better do it in private."

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Thu, 02-28-2013 - 11:45am

I really liked this comment: "

Not everything that makes us feel uncomfortable should be hidden away so we don't feel discomfort. Sometimes things just feel uncomfortable because they are unfamiliar. The remedy to this is to continue to experience it. Then it becomes normal. I remember when I was young seeing an amputee, a disabled person in a wheelchair, somebody with a physical or mental disability made me uncomfortable. So did seeing my aunt nurse her baby uncovered. The more I have experienced these things the less discomfort I have felt. Now they don't cause me discomfort at all. They are just people being people who deserve to be treated with consideration and respect. We do a disservice to our youth when we hide away breastfeeding because it makes them uncomfortable. They would be better served if it were to become a normalized behavior."

Whether that comment was written by a man or woman, it's powerful, and we need more people who think like that in this world! Smile