Breastfeeding increases IQ!

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Breastfeeding increases IQ!
Sun, 10-27-2013 - 5:38pm

"Skeptics could likely stick to the view that what matters most is how smart a baby's mom is, or that social pressure to breast-feed can have its own problems for children's development by creating stressed-out parents. However, the findings are likely to add muscle to public-health advocates' push to increase breast-feeding rates...The JAMA study isn't the first to study a link between nursing and intelligence, but researchers say it is more conclusive because of its size and how it has isolated variables such as the mother's IQ and the child's upbringing.

Not everyone can breast-feed successfully, and that needn't make parents worry. 'Talk to your baby, hold your baby and read to your baby,' Dr. Belfort said. 'There are so many different factors in a child's development.'  "