Breastfeeding Jesus

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Breastfeeding Jesus
Sat, 12-25-2010 - 8:44am

Collection of images (paintings, sculptures, carvings) of Mary breastfeeding baby Jesus.

The International Breastfeeding Symbol mosaic in the first slide is one I created from my photos of Mary breastfeeding Jesus. These paintings and sculptures were once common in churches throughout the world and now, in our nipplephobic society, have all but disappeared from North American churches.


It got me thinking, I wonder if the disappearance of these sculptures and paintings has anything to do with some saying that Jesus was not breastfeed? Odd, I know, but I have seen it posted online.

"The scriptures do not say whether Jesus was breastfed."

"she thinks that Jesus was formula fed"

"that lady really thinks Jesus was fed formula from a bottle"

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Sat, 12-25-2010 - 5:38pm

Thanks for this. It was beautiful to watch. And in quite a few of them, baby Jesus was fairly obviously an older baby/toddler.