Breastfeeding Smartphone App - Good Idea or Bad Idea?

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Breastfeeding Smartphone App - Good Idea or Bad Idea?
Sat, 06-09-2012 - 11:32am
Breastfeeding is Being Revolutionized as FeedArt Presents a Combined Digital Device Bundled With a Smartphone App


The major difficulty with breastfeeding is real-time knowledge of how much a baby has nursed. Blocked channels and several other medical and physiological reasons may cause malnutrition. Up until now, no reliable, accurate, real time and with no interference to the baby's nursing cycle, was available. 

With FeedArt for the first time, babies may nurse freely while their mothers are able to keep track of the quantities he eats in real-time. This newly designed electronic, noninvasive, device presents accurate detailed information on the Smartphone, which can also shared on-line with the baby's Doctor and lactation advisor, regarding each nursing cycle. It keeps historical data and comparable to past nursing and common averages for the baby's age. 

FeedArt will show real-time information needed concerning the baby's eating. Quantities, flow, amount per breastfeeding comparable nursing history and more will be graphically presented on the Smartphone screen. FeedArt will memorize all the information and show daily & monthly eating habits, in order to keep track of the baby's proper development.

Scientific research shows breastfeeding as the healthiest way for babies to grow and develop. It improves their immune system and prevents diseases, infections and allergies. Breastfeeding does not always go smoothly and it is difficult to know how much babies have actually consumed. Today more and more women around the world are aware of this fact and are searching for ways to keep track of their baby's feeding habits and volume. 

Worldwide statistics show that up to 35% of women that breastfeed say they have to know exactly how much their baby has consumed. Our newly designed product measures babies' consumption and precisely evaluates the milk flow.

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The whole language on the sight seems all about creating unnecessary worry for the BF'ing moms such that they will want to buy this product for "piece of mind". It's very much like the language of those life insurance ads you see on TV where they habe a women talk about all the problems some women friend of theirs had when her husband unexpectedly died without life insurance costing her large sums of money in funeral and other expensive but then she mentions how she has x brand of life insurance so she won't have the same problems. The antibacterial soap ads do the same thing by scaring patents into worry about all the hidden germs all over there house that their kid could be exposed and all the illness that could bring. The problem there is that many experts believe that too much antibacterial soap use can actual decrease our resistance to germs and make us more likely to get sick when we inevitably exposed to their since most people don't use antibacterial soap everywhere they go.

I'd also like to know just how this sensor you place on the nipple does actual work and whether it really does not interfere with breastfeeding any more then a modern nipple does. It does seem at minimum that this would be a hassle to use all the time just as a nipple shield can when used long term.

I do also wonder if maybe there are some moms who truly would benefit from this type of device because they will never be able to trust their milk supply on their own and would truly benefit from any device that truly does help them know just how much their baby is truly getting. Even if it's the case that would truly benefit some moms, I think we have to be very careful to push such a device on regular moms who if educated enough milk production could actually become comfortable enough to not need a product like this. This product is sort of like formula in a way. For a small number of moms who truly can't BF for medical or other reasons there is a true need for formula but not for the majority who end up uses. I could see the same being true for this product with the downside is many moms who don't truly need this product using anyways and possible causing more problems then it solves.


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Emily, it's great to see you coming to the board more often lately! I know life can get so very busy so I appreciate that you have been able to find time to drop in and post lately!

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Making it possible for your love to be measured? OMG. It would be comical if we didn't know some women would buy it.
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Re: Breastfeeding Smartphone App - Good Idea or Bad Idea?
Sun, 06-10-2012 - 7:38am

There is so much suggestive wording on their page - to convince you that you are not enough... tracking his proper growth...

...improving natural breastfeeding...

...making it possible for your love to be measured...

...major difficulty with breastfeeding is to know in real-time how much your baby has nursed...

....some psychological and physiological malnutrition may occur...

...This fact prevented your baby from eating freely...

...making him and you nervous...

...substantially reducing the quantity he eats...

...Breastfeeding/nursing doesn't always go smoothly...

...difficult to know how much your baby has actually consumed...

...keep track of their baby's feeding habits and volume....

...have to know exactly how much their baby has consumed...

...measures your baby's consumption precisely...

...evaluates the milk flow...

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I can see it as interfering as nipple shields which might be used in cases of true need, but should not be used routinely. Mothers then need to wean a baby off them, and some babies can be reluctant to do so.

The mentality of measuring though already causes anxiety for some women who worry because they can't see what the baby is getting, or even willingly choose to FF, so they can see! This sort of thing will likely contribute to this anxiety, maintaining and potentially increasing it.


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Re: Breastfeeding Smartphone App - Good Idea or Bad Idea?
Sat, 06-09-2012 - 11:14pm

Even if baby does not notice the plastic in his mouth, how does it fit every size nipple?

And isn't it important for baby's mouth to touch the skin around the areola in order to stimulate milk production and immune response?