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Could you imagine finding out that you were feeding you baby "counterfeit" formula???

I have never heard of such a thing, till I came across this article!!!

The lows that people will sink to in order to make money, were these home made formulas?

Conterfeit Formulas

In February 1995, FDA special agents arrested a suspect in Southern California in a scheme to distribute infant formula in counterfeit packaging. The agency also seized 17,236 kilograms (38,000 pounds) of powdered formula at the suspect's counterfeit manufacturing operations in Southern California and 6,366 0.45-kilogram (1-pound) cans from retail and wholesale outlets.

The scheme involved the purchase of bulk infant formula labeled "for export only" from a legitimate manufacturer. The bulk formula was then packaged in the 1-pound cans that looked like Similac, an authentic formula made by Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories, Columbus, Ohio.

The California counterfeit scheme has been completely suppressed, but it is just part of a diversion market in numerous products. One of FDA's concerns is the conditions the formula is subjected to during the illegal manufacturing operations.

Production records like those normally kept by legitimate manufacturers don't exist, explains Jim Dahl, assistant director of FDA's Office of Criminal Investigations. "How it was transported, what temperature conditions, what sanitary conditions, how cans were treated, how long they were held in those conditions, all of that is unknown," he says.

To protect their babies, parents need to be on the lookout for any changes in formula color, smell or taste, Dahl says.

He also advises parents and retailers to:

make sure lot numbers and expiration dates on both the can and the cardboard case are the same

check containers for damage

call the manufacturer's toll-free number with any concerns or questions

Isadora B. Stehlin is a member of FDA's public affairs staff.

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I'd be very unhappy. And that is one reason I have little confidence in formula...there are too many "middlemen" and too many steps where an error could happen.