Defining the Sides of the Debate

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Defining the Sides of the Debate
Thu, 01-09-2014 - 11:04am

As we have all said lots of times, pro-breastfeeding and pro-formula feeding do not adequately represent the two sides of the debate. Being pro-formula doesn't mean that you are opposed to breastfeeding, just as being pro-breastfeeding does not mean you are opposed to formula feeding.

In terms of health benefits, the debate is very lopsided. The preponderance of evidence supports breastfeeding. Despite that breast vs bottle is a still a hot button.

So here is one way to view the sides:

Side B: The health benefits of breastfeeding are significant enough to promote awareness, public conversation and changes in policy to increase accomodation for improving rates of breastfeeding.

Side 2: The health benefits of breastfeeding are not significant enough to override the emotional harm done by advocacy toward women who are not able to breastfeed. Active attempts to increase awareness, keep breastfeeding in the media and increase breastfeeding rates by policies such as not handing out unsolicited formula to new mothers should be curtailed.

Is that the new frame. Is it about one side trying to "make it an issue" and the other side saying "stop forcing it down our throats"?

Which side are you on? "Keep it down, we get it already." or "We still have a long way to go."