Did iVillage sell my info to Enfamil (Mead Johnson)?

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Did iVillage sell my info to Enfamil (Mead Johnson)?
Thu, 03-29-2012 - 1:33pm

About a month ago, I got a packet of coupons in the mail for Enfagrow, Enfamil's follow-on formula. A couple days after that, I received an email from them as well. I wondered why I would be receiving this stuff from Enfamil this late in the game (my son recently turned one year). My first conclusion was that when I'd signed up for Pampers Gifts to Grow (which I did only a couple of months ago), they'd sold my information. Except for the email I got today. It said that my baby is 11.5 months old. Which he would have been, had he not been born five weeks early. Rather, he is approaching 13 months now. PGTG was the only website or organization I can think of where I had not only given my email address, but also my mailing address and the birthdates of my kids. If they've got his birthdate wrong, then I had to start thinking about who might have had my due date, but not my son's birthdate, but also my email address and home address.

The only organization that fits all three criteria is iVillage. I didn't have a registry this time. I didn't sign up for a bunch of new websites for newsletters and the like, as I may have done (in limited quantity) when I was pregnant with my daughter. My doctor's office didn't do it, it's against their policy. However, I did input my due date into iV's pregnancy tracker, and they have had my email address and home address for years. I can't say for certain iV sold my info to Enfamil, but they are the only reasonable conclusion I can draw.

The discussion I wanted to spark here is not whether or not iV has done this. Rather, I wonder what people think are the consequences of this, and whether this is a good or bad thing. Does selling a mother-to-be's information to a formula company constitute sabotage of her breastfeeding attempts? For surely, this is the not the first time this has happened to me. Somebody (probably BRU, or possible iV again) sold my info to Similac (Abbott Labs, Inc.) when I was pregnant with my daughter. I received two sample cans of formula shortly before she was born on her due date, and several formula coupons after that. I gave them to a friend, and as soon as she used them, the coupons stopped.

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Hi, Holly. I saw your post and just wanted to reassure you that iVillage does not sell our members' information to 3rd parties.

I remember getting a lot of formula coupons when DS was born, but I was registered with BRU and Target. With DD, I only registered with Target to get the registry discount and I don't think I ever got formula coupons for her. I think that it does set a new mother up for failure, if she wants to breastfeed, to have those cans of formula right there "just in case." I had to get rid of ours because DH was the one who wanted me to use it. He was "trying to help," and really didn't realize that my using formula was the opposite of what I wanted no matter how bad of a night we were having.

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Holly--I thought about this over the weekend. Did you by any chance buy new maternity clothes when pregnant with your son?

I went to Motherhood Maternity, and they asked for my new due date (my address was already on file). I then received a gift bag with all it's sponsors listed. There was something in there from every single one of them, EXCEPT Enfamil. It stands to reason that it will come in the mail around the due date, just like it did with DS.
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