Did you know (about pollution)?

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Did you know (about pollution)?
Wed, 04-09-2003 - 9:01am
The Firstborn children from a mother receive more contaminants in breastmilk than their younger siblings?

One finnish study found that

the third child was exposed to only 70 percent of the PCBs and

dioxins as the first child. The eighth, ninth, and tenth children

received only *20* percent as much.

Therefore, the more children a woman

has breastfed, the lower the concentrations of POPs in her milk. All other things being equal, a 40

year old mother of one has more contaminants in her milk than a 40

year old who is breastfeeding her forth child.

Despite all this, illness is higher in non-breastfed infants, and they perform less well on tests...another suggestion that there are things in breastmilk that we can't even begin to understand the importance of...


first-born children receive the most: T. Vartianinen, "PCDD, PCDF,

and PCB Concentrations in Human Milk from Two Areas of Finland,"

Chemosphere 34(1997): 2571-83.

Also: "Having Faith:

An Ecologist's Journey to Motherhood" by Sandra Steingraber, PhD